What The Heck Is Google Assistant Memory & Why Should You Care?

Memory Feature in Google Assistant

The search giant is working on the Google Assistant Memory update for its virtual assistant, enhancing its skill set even more. The update can help the Assistant remember things you want it to.

Let’s explore how the new Memory update for Google Assistant works and takes work off of your shoulders.

What is the Google Assistant Memory feature?

Google Assistant Memory Feature

The upcoming feature was spotted by 9to5Google in an APK teardown. As the name says, it allows Google Assistant to remember things. Right now, the Assistant can remember some stuff, the Memory feature would take it a couple of notches higher.

For example, right now, you can say, “Hey Google, remember that my home keys are in the side drawer.”

And then you can ask, “Hey Google, where are my home keys.”

What can Google Assistant remember?

After the Memory update, Google Assistant can save everything from a screenshot, everyday objects, posters, handwritten notes, thoughts, music, ideas, contacts, flights, movies, etc.

There will be a dedicated Memory section in the Google app, where all the saved memories will be shown in reverse chronological order. Users will be able to filter out memories by Important and Read Later categories and look for specific memories using the search bar present at the top.

However, it doesn’t stop there. For the content you add to its memory, the assistant can throw helpful suggestions as well. For example, it can suggest that you should check flight status after you save information for an upcoming flight. Or if you ask it to save a screenshot of a webpage, it might save the URL as well.

One change that Google will introduce is that Reminders will also get saved to the Assistant’s Memory when the feature arrives.

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When will the Memory update arrive?

Currently, there is no word on the release date of the feature. But it’s sure going to arrive in the coming future as Google is reportedly testing it internally (dogfooding) with its employees.

However, we are yet to see what will happen to the Collections feature in the Google app. Will the search giant scrape it or merge it with Memory.

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