Google Is Working On A Cheaper Chromecast HD with Google TV

Google Is Working On A Cheaper Chromecast HD with Google TV
Image: Google

Google already has two Chromecast devices and both of them have their own market. But the cheaper one lacks Google TV support. After numerous leaks and rumors about a new Chromecast HD with Google TV device, the specifications have finally appeared in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) documents.

The document reveals streaming device-like specifications with 1080P resolution. It doesn’t have an official name yet but the document and the leaked schematics reveal a streaming device with a remote controller.

Google Chromecast HD with Google TV

There aren’t any leaked renders or official images. So, the design aspect of the new budget 1080p streaming device is uncertain. But the FCC listing reveals most of the specifications. Firstly, the device will output a 1080p resolution at 60Hz. It will support Wi-Fi 5 and BlueTooth low energy.

Going by the diagram, the Chromecast HD with Google TV will connect to the back of the TV/display and use a separate USB power adapter. It is uncertain which version of HDMI will it support but like most streaming devices, it will probably plug into the HDMI port.

The document mentions the Google device with model number “Google G454V”. As per Android Central, Google doesn’t have a budget 1080p streaming product with Google TV. The higher-end variant sells for about $50 but you can grab it at a lower price during sales.

Google is long overdue on the 4K variant Chromecast update and this cheap 1080p streaming device could be a game-changer.

Chromecast HD with Google TV
Image: GChromecast Hub

Amazon Fire TV Stick already and multiple variants and brands like Roku offer serious competition to Chromecast. Since the top model of Chromecast with Google TV retails for $50, the new device must be significantly cheaper to garner attention and drive sales.

Moreover, it may come with a remote controller which could make navigation a lot easier. FCC filing indicates that the product could be nearing its launch date. But Google didn’t mention anything about the new budget 1080p streaming device at Google I/O 2022.

Do you use Google Chromecast? Would you want the brand to offer a 1080p version? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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