Google Individual Workspace Is A Great Offer After This Storage Upgrade

Google Individual Workspace will be available in more countries!

Google Individual Workspace
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Google Workspace brings all Google apps under one shed and offers multiple plans depending on the user’s requirements. Recently, an individual plan was also launched along with business and enterprise editions. The idea was to offer entrepreneurial individuals access to workspace and use it to grow their businesses.

Until now, individual plan subscribers got 15GB of Google Drive storage. But that isn’t the case anymore. Google shared the news on its blog about increasing the storage space to 1 TB.

Google Individual Workspace: More details

Google Individual Workspace storage is exactly what independent business owners need. The current storage capacity may look adequate, but it can fill up rather quickly. Docs, sheets, pdfs, and other files can eat up the 15GB. But increasing it to 1TB isn’t something we would have expected from Google. Only the individual workspace plans had the lowest storage capacity. While the Business Standard and Business Plus plans offer 2TB and 5TB cloud storage.

Google’s idea to offer 1TB of space can be a deciding factor for many users looking for cloud workspace options. Zoho already has a similar product, and many other brands are mushrooming in the cloud workspace genre. Moreover, offering a staggering 1TB cloud storage space isn’t something other workspace brands can compete with. Google Drive supports over 100 file formats and offers data protection features. But you don’t get the shared Drive with team feature in the individual plan.

Google Individual Workspace
Image: Google

Along with the increased storage space, Google also announced that it is expanding the availability of Google Individual Workspace to more regions. Earlier, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and six countries across Europe. Now, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Greece, and Argentina population can access the individual workspace in their respective countries.

Google advised that if you don’t want the workspace but still want more cloud storage, you can opt for the Google One plan. A couple of weeks ago, Google also announced that all the Pixel 7 devices will get free lifetime access to Google VPN, which is a paid product sold alongside Google One service.

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