Google Docs Now Lets You Add Emojis With Text: Here’s How To Do It

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Google Docs Now Lets You Add Emojis With Text; Here's How To Do It
Image: Google

Google Docs received emoji reactions in April of this year. Now, the company has announced a new keyboard shortcut that will allow users to easily insert an emoji while writing. Users will no longer have to copy and paste icons from other places in the document with this new feature.

You can now express yourself in a new way by searching for and inserting emojis directly in line with your text in Google Docs. Google is making it very easy to insert emojis while writing. Let’s check out to use this new feature.

How do I add emojis with text to Google Docs?

Google Docs Now Lets You Add Emojis With Text; Here's How To Do It
Image: Google

To do so, simply type ‘@’ followed by the name of the desired emoji in the body of a Google Doc. You’ll be presented with a list that you can scroll through using the arrow keys. Up/down and enter allow for rapid browsing and selection entry, respectively. Additionally, pressing right twice will provide a complete emoji picker with search, Google’s typical grid, and category grouping.

Enter “@” and a descriptor, such as “@smile.”
Type “@:” or “:” to see a dropdown list of emojis and the option to browse the entire emoji catalog.
It adds the ability to quickly tag people, link documents, create lists, insert templates, and much more.

As per Google’s workspace updates:

  • It is available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers 
  • It is available to users with personal Google Accounts 

Google recently introduced a new formatting feature that allows you to delete, copy, paste, or format multiple unconnected sections of text from the same document. What do you think about the changes Google is making to Google Docs? Comment down below.

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