Google: Fuchsia OS Isn’t Replacing Android Yet

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Short Bytes: Google’s VP of engineering for Android, Dave Burke, answered some questions about Google’s secret Fuchsia OS. Talking at Android Fireside Chat, Burke said that it’s a project which isn’t directly related to Android. He said that at the moment it’s an early stage experiment, just like many other Google projects.

We’ve been hearing about Google’s secret Fuchsia OS from some time. Just recently, we told you about Fuchsia’s Armadillo UI which is now available to try. People have been busy speculating regarding the future of Fuchsia, which doesn’t have a “single pinch of Linux.”

During the recent Android Fireside Chat, Google’s VP of engineering for Android, Dave Burke, shed some more light on Fuchsia.

When he was asked about the relationship of Fuchsia with Android, Burke said that it’s an early-stage experiment, just like tons of other cool projects at Google.

He also made sure to underline the point that Fucshia is open source and people are free to look at it.

Talking specifically about Android’s relationship with Fuchsia, Burke called them independent. Here’s what he had to say about the whole matter:

How do you spell Fuchsia? Fuchsia is an early stage experimental project. We, you know, we actually have lots of cool early projects at Google. I think what’s interesting here is its open source, so people can see it and comment on it. Like lots of early stage projects it’s gonna probably pivot and morph. There’s some really smart people on it, people we’ve worked with who are great. and so, kind of exciting to see what happens. But it’s definitely a diff– sort of independent project to Android. and yeah, that’s basically it.

Burke’s reply was just like one would expect from Google. We’ll have to simply wait for some more concrete development and announcements from Google.

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