Google Code Reveals New Digital Wellbeing Feature That Might Annoy People

Google first introduced the Digital Wellbeing feature with Android 9 Pie. The idea was to make people reduce their smartphone usage.

The Digital Wellbeing menu, located in Android settings, allows you to look at the overall time spent on apps, pause apps, and grayscale the screen. Despite the limiters, sometimes, it’s still not enough to break the smartphone addiction.

Google is now planning to introduce another feature in Digital Wellbeing to reinforce the idea, and it’s not pretty. According to a string of code discovered by XDA in the latest beta of Digital Wellbeing, the tech giant is adding Mindful Wallpaper.

The feature is loosely based upon the idea of the experimental app Unlock Clock. For those who don’t know, Unlock Clock is designed to add a humungous counter to the home screen representing the number of times the device unlocks. The counter increases by one every time the user wakes the device.

Mindful Wallpaper, on the other hand, is a little less uglier than the Unlock Clock. Once enabled, the feature will bring up clouds on the home screen. The more the screen unlocks, the more number of clouds on the screen.

If you take the wallpaper and aesthetics of a smartphone seriously, then you won’t be able to bear the sight of Mindful Wallpaper in Digital Wellbeing.

Since the feature is not implemented in the beta build, there is no guarantee it will be part of Digital Wellbeing’s future release. For now, you can take solace in the fact that Google is yet to implement the feature.

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