Agazzi Bag Is The Modern Briefcase I Didn’t Know I Wanted

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Do you remember watching movies as a kid and thinking the spy with the fingerprint locking mechanism on their briefcase was super cool? You probably look at that now and think “who uses a briefcase?…” Well, you can have the best of both worlds soon. Agazzi Design is releasing a premium line of bags for the modern urban professional.

Agazzi Design is bringing four bags to the market. The first is Stile, the base model. It does not contain any of the electronic features, but is still water resistant and comes with the charge-on-the-go feature. The Lumi contains both internal and external lights, which is ideal for cyclists that need to be visible at night. There is the Liberty that sports the fingerprint locking.

Finally, the flagship is the Pro model that comes equipped with all features combined. All of the bags come with a lifetime guarantee on top of the long list of features, which is impressive, to say the least.

Is this bag for everyone? Definitely not.

This is a premium product that will demand a premium price. But, it could set a design precedent that balances form and functionality without compromising on either, which is something we can all benefit from.

The last time I looked for a bag, I spent several hours finding one and then spent significantly more than I was planning to. The reason was that I had difficulty finding a bag with the features I wanted in the format I wanted (I was looking for a simple messenger bag with dedicated device storage). The bag I finally settled on was a  compromise with respect to its storage flexibility, despite purchasing it in a big-box electronics outlet where everything is gadget focused.

This is what I find exciting about Agazzi’s bag. Agazzi is aiming to make a quality product with features, rather than having to choose between the form you want and the function you want.

The bag itself… looks like any other backpack. But the focus on user experience is what piques my interest. When we think of user experiences we often think of software user interfaces and electronic devices. Agazzi has brought user experience to a new frontier of accessories.

Will I be buying the new Agazzi bag when it’s available? Probably not (I prefer a messenger bag, myself), but I’m excited to see that people are bringing a user-experience oriented design process to more than just software.

If you’re interested in the Agazzi bags, you can fund their Kickstarter campaign and get 40% off for a limited time.

If you know of any other spectacular bags, let each other know in the comments.

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