You Can Now Run ‘Manjaro Linux’ On Open Source ‘PinePhone’ And ‘PineTab’

manjaro linux Pinephone

The Manjaro ARM project has announced the fourth ALPHA release for the open-source Linux smartphone ‘PinePhone‘ as well as on the upcoming ‘PineTab’ tablet. So Manjaro Linux fans can now run the OS on the Linux based smartphone as well.

The Manjaro Linux ARM team has made significant progress so far. It recently announced a new development build of their Arch Linux-based distro for the PinePhone and PineTab devices.

After a long wait, Pine64 finally started shipping the pre-order units of PinePhone Braveheart Edition on Jan 17, 2020. The PinePhone is already compatible with other Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu Touch, postmarketOS, or Sailfish OS. You can boot it either from internal storage or an SD card.

PinePhone Now Supports Manjaro Linux

The developers of Manjaro said that the latest alpha build includes the brand-new Plasma Mobile interface, a Manjaro ARM wallpaper, a couple of new apps, as well as a new partition layout using extlinux.conf as a configuration file.

In addition to this, the latest build introduces support for saving contacts in the Phonebook app, allows screen lock via the power button, fixes brightness control, and changes the default user password to 1234.

The new Manjaro ARM alpha images are based on an unstable branch of Manjaro Linux and runs the latest Linux 5.5 kernel from PINE64.

The best part is that Manjaro ARM for PinePhone now supports phone calls. So if you are a PinePhone owner, you should definitely try the latest Manjaro ARM build by downloading the image.

To install it, you’d have to write the image on an 8GB SD card with the Etcher app and insert it on the device and boot from it. For more details and support, you can refer to the official announcement.

Source: 9to5linux

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