Use These 5 Best Google Calendar Alternatives & Simplify Workflow

google calendar alternatives
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Time management is crucial if you’re a student or a working professional, and so is maintaining a calendar. Calendars help you keep track of your commitments and deadlines and manage your work-life balance. Hence, it’s only essential to maintain a calendar using popular apps like Google Calendar or its alternatives.

Google Calendar is undoubtedly an excellent calendar service that many users worldwide already use. However, it would be best if you looked at calendar services offered by different companies too. Likewise, we have shortlisted a few apps that are suitable Google Calendar alternatives in 2022.

Why do you need a Google Calendar alternative?

While Google’s Calendar platform offers several useful features, they might not be for everyone. For instance, not everyone might be comfortable with the app’s user interface or need better email integration if they don’t have a Gmail account.

Moreover, only users with a Google account can access its Calendar services. Hence, for non-Google email users, using a Google Calendar alternative might be a better choice. Apart from the account limitations, other calendar platforms offer more features like app integrations, scheduling features, and reminders.

Top Google Calendar alternatives in 2022

While there are innumerable calendar apps out there, we have handpicked a few that might suit your needs. Here are the top 5 Google Calendar alternatives that you should try.

1. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

microsoft outlook calendar

Firstly, Microsoft Outlook’s calendar service is among the best calendar apps and Google Calendar alternatives out there. It’s a compelling choice if you don’t have a Google account because you can use Outlook for your emails.

If you use Outlook, it will be convenient for you also to use the Outlook calendar to manage your events and schedule. Moreover, the app is suitable for students and professionals who require managing a calendar. The Outlook calendar houses quirky features like drag and drop of emails to schedule an appointment, sharing meeting results, etc.

2. Zoho Calendar

zoho calendar

Next up, Zoho Calendar is a remarkable calendar app that lets you take control of your workflow efficiently. Its comprehensive features allow you to connect your email via Zoho Mail and manage your events. Likewise, you can also sync and share your schedules with external calendar services. Some other features include support for different time zones, group calendar view, and themes.

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3. Teamup Calendar

teamup calendar google calendar alternatives
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The Teamup Calendar app is an appropriate choice for team communication and management. Although, the service only offers its free plan for small teams having up to 8 members. Opting for the Plus, Premium, and Enterprise plans gives you more features like support for additional sub-calendars, file upload support, and password protection, depending on your plan. The best part of using Teamup is that you can centrally manage your calendars and assign them to users without them having to create new accounts.

4. Cozi

cozi calendar

Further, Cozi makes it to the list of the best Google Calendar alternatives due to its unique selling point. It takes pride in being called a “family organizer,” as it’s a shared calendar that you can share with your family and friends. Cozi combines several features like your to-do lists, calendar, and shopping lists into one so you don’t miss out on anything. The family-centric calendar app is suitable for keeping track of household work and personal activities.

5. Asana

asana calendar google calendar alternatives

Finally, Asana makes it to the list of the best Google Calendar alternatives, all thanks to its collaboration features. It houses intuitive management features for team projects and tasks. Moreover, it also has a work graph data model that can map out everything about your project and help you organize your work. All in all, it’s a great platform for teams that require extensive planning and scheduling of tasks in the long run.

Our recommendation

We have personally tried all the Google Calendar alternatives mentioned in this list and can safely recommend all of them. Likewise, you can pick one based on your requirements. If you need a family planner, we recommend using Cozi. For the best overall experience, you can pick Microsoft Outlook Calendar as a viable Google Calendar alternative.

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