Microsoft’s GitHub Is Offering Free Education Bundle To All Schools


The open-source code repository, GitHub, which is getting acquired by Microsoft, is now offering its GitHub Education suite of services to all schools completely free of charge.

The company launched a Student Developer Pack in 2012 and introduced the GitHub Classroom for teachers three years later. Earlier this year, we also saw the platform offering teacher training with its Campus Advisor program.

Now the latest announcement clubs all these tools and features under the umbrella “GitHub Education” which comes with free access to GitHub Enterprise and Business.

This package provides training, workflow, developer packs, advisors and access to GitHub’s student community along with quick access to premium GitHub Education features like private repositories.

Schools and colleges can apply for early access now. In order to participate in this program, an educational institute has to make GitHub available to all its technical departments. They will also have to send one person from each department to undergo GitHub’s Campus Advisors training.

However, GitHub isn’t the only project management platform aiming at the education market. A couple of weeks back GitLab made its Ultimate and Gold plans available for free to educational institutions.

But this announcement will undoubtedly prove beneficial to students and help schools in encouraging a career in software development.

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