Girl Hacks Dad’s Computer on Her Raspberry Pi

kids hack dad computer raspberry pi
kids hack dad computer raspberry pi


Here I’m going to tell you about a fun project to help you learn the Linux shell on a Raspberry Pi and then use it to play a prank and ‘hack’ someone’s computer.

In the video shared ahead, you will see little a daughter describing how she connected to her dad’s computer using their Raspberry Pi. It’s been done using the Linux SSH tool. After connecting the systems, she perform some cool tricks and pranks like making the PC speak some text or not letting their dad do some work.

I came across this video today morning and I’m sharing this with you as it an example of the basic use of Linux shell coupled with some fun.

Watch the video ahead and see the Linux shell commands used mentioned below that:


It’s written that she was permitted by their moms to do this. So, if you don’t want to get into some big trouble hacking your dad’s computer, make sure to ask your mom. :D

Here are some commands used:

#open a shell using their username and ip (you'll be asked for a password)
ssh username@ip
#who will show the users logged onto that machine 
#top will show processes running on their computer 
#top -o mem will show processes using the most memory first 
top -o mem
#now kill the process with the id you got from using the top command 
kill -9 (process id)


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