You Could Soon Be Gaming On Chromebooks With RGB Keyboards

gaming chromebooks rgb keyboard
Source: Unsplash

Chromebooks first came in to fill the need for basic, no-nonsense laptops and are aging well. After a successful run in other markets, the next set of Chrome OS devices might focus on gaming. Likewise, changes to the Chrome OS code hint at the release of Chromebooks with RGB keyboards, meaning gaming Chromebooks.

Google originally wanted Chromebooks to be a part of home computer systems and the education market. However, it seems that the tech giant wants to try selling its Chromebooks to gamers too. Google has been teasing Steam support for Chromebooks every once, but nothing is certain.

Google paves way for Gaming Chromebooks

Hypothetically, Chromebooks would be ideal for gaming because of their physical features. They’re lightweight, small, have decent battery life, and now will run games too. It’s almost certain that the new Chromebooks with RGB keyboards will be gaming-focused because RGB keyboards on regular laptops aren’t a thing.

As spotted by 9to5Google, an RGB key will let you individually adjust the intensity of each RGB light. This will give you more control over the brightness and color of each key, just like Windows PCs. The RGB adjustment feature is only available to developers right now, and it will likely arrive with gaming Chromebooks.

Moreover, 9to5Google also found evidence of different brands working on unreleased Chromebooks with RGB keyboards. To clarify, three unreleased devices codenamed Vell, Taniks, and Ripple are in the works.

Vell is a system housing Intel’s 12th-gen Alder Lake processors and made by the design manufacturer Quanta. Also, the employee who mainly contributed to Vell helped HP. Hence, we could see an HP Omen Chromebook in the future.

Moving on, Taniks comes from LCDC, an R&D and hardware manufacturer for Lenovo. Finally, Ripple hints towards a detachable RGB keyboard. Several brands are working on Chromebooks with RGB keyboards, so it’s not clear which brand will launch one first or launch it at all.

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