Instagram Stories Sound Not Turning Off? Here’s What You Can Do

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Instagram users have been in complete dismay for the last two days. Twitter and other social platforms are bubbling with posts about the Instagram stories feature not working properly. The sound is automatically playing on the devices without the user’s permission.

Usually, the sound is muted while viewing the stories, and users have to tap on the speaker icon to unmute them. The stories feature doesn’t play audio by default in most apps. If you consider WhatsApp, another Meta product, it also doesn’t play sound while viewing the stories. You have to tap the icon to allow audio playback.

Why is the Instagram Stories feature not working properly?

Instagram stories have begun posing problems for many in the last two days. Some users even shared that the issue rose up after they recently updated the app. Whatever the case may be, it is a case of a broken feature within the app that is playing sound automatically when it shouldn’t.

Some users tried muting their phones to turn off the audio playback, but that wasn’t effective at all. It seems that the app is overriding sound permissions when a user is viewing stories in the app. Similarly, reels are also playing audio by default.

This is a huge issue because people check their social accounts frequently, even in workplaces and institutions. If audio plays without notice, it ends up causing commotion and garnering unwanted attention from others.

Instagram hasn’t released an official statement regarding the broke stories feature on the app. Recently, the Facebook feed suffered a glitch and began showing celebrity accounts to Facebook users in the feed.

Fix Instagram stories sound not turning off issue

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If you want to fix the Instagram stories issue to some extent, consider lowering your speaker volume to the absolute minimum. This way, you won’t be thrown off balance by loud noises and music while viewing stories.

You can also use earphones to avoid playing sound in public. Since Instagram hasn’t recognized the issue yet, you can report the problem to the app makers. As the report numbers grow, Instagram will be compelled to fix the issue. You can also try updating the app and see if the problem persists.

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