Fisker Electric SUV With 300 Mile Range To Target Tesla Model Y

Fisker Electric SUV Launch

The Fisker Electric SUV officially has a name, it will be called the Ocean. The much-awaited EV from Fisker electric will go into production in the 2nd half of 2021.

The Fisker electric SUV was first revealed in March 2019. Only an image of the SUV was released and it was probably a concept design at that point.

The car will officially be revealed on 4th January 2020 and you can reserve one on 27th November 2019.

Fisker electric SUV has people excited for quite a lot of reasons, one of them is the presence of a panoramic sunroof. This will provide an extra battery range for the battery.

The official price of the electric SUV hasn’t been revealed. However, according to the YouTube channel “E for electric,” the Ocean electric SUV will have a price of less than $40,000.

This puts the Fisker electric SUV directly up against the Tesla Model Y and the slightly expensive Volvo XC 40 electric SUV.

Fisker Electric SUV With Solar Sun Roof

Fisker electric SUV specs

In terms of design, the Ocean is a crossover SUV. These types of vehicles are in global demand. Dimensions wise, it looks similar to a Tesla Model Y.

The front of the SUV consists of sleek-looking LED lights and a conventional air grill. The grill is placed a bit lower and aims to provide extra air cooling to the battery pack. The air grill also houses the RADAR sensor to provide some level of autonomous driving.

The Fisker electric SUV uses an 80kWh battery capable of providing 300 miles or 482 km of range. It consists of a lithium-ion battery pack.

Earlier, the Ocean electric SUV was rumored to have a solid-state battery pack, but due to production complexities, it’ll use the tried and tested lithium-ion battery pack, at least initially.

There is no mention of whether this range is based on the EPA cycle or the NEDC one.

To further increase its battery range, Fisker uses a panoramic sunroof that utilizes sunlight to recharge the battery, while the car is moving.

Hyundai Sonata is an electric car that uses this concept. We have seen some custom modders using similar features to power their retrofitted Tesla electric truck.

According to Fisker, the sunroof will add almost 1,000 extra miles to the battery range of the Ocean electric SUV per year. That’s 2.7 miles of extra range per day.

We don’t have the 0-100 mph time numbers but the Fisker electric SUV comes with a dual motor setup as an option, so expect the timing to be under 4 seconds.

In terms of accessories, the Ocean electric SUV will have 22″ inch rims, vegan interior made from recycled fishnets.

The Production Issues

Fisker electric SUV price

Fisker could boast competitive specs all day long, but they haven’t delivered a single product on the market yet.

The Ocean is the second electric vehicle from the company’s line up after the ‘Emotion’, which is an electric sports car.

It is hard to take Fisker’s production timeline of one and a half years with seriousness. However, according to some reports, they could use a third-party manufacturing facility to speed up their production.

The $40,000 crossover SUV market will be the hottest segment in the coming years. With strong global demand for sub-compact SUVs and ever-improving electric batteries, cars like the Tesla Model Y, Volvo XC-40 electric and hopefully the Fisker Ocean SUV will give tough competition to ICE-powered SUVs.

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