Tesla Model Y Electric SUV: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It


Judging from the Tesla Q3 earnings call, it is now clear that the highly anticipated midsized electric SUV dubbed the Model Y is coming sooner than expected.

A report from CleanTechnica highlighted that the new Tesla electric SUV could arrive as early as Q1 2020. The report states that this leak came from a reliable source that has been correct in the past.

The YouTube channel “Like Tesla” conducted its own investigation on this topic. The channel’s host, Kim, informed her audience on several key information related to Tesla Model Y. She also explained why the new electric SUV is coming earlier than expected.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y will come in four segments

  • Standard Range (230 miles)
  • Long Range (300 miles)
  • Dual Motor (280 miles)
  • Dual Motor Performance (280 miles)

Here are the rest of the specs for the upcoming Tesla Model Y.

Price 39,000-61,000
0-60 mph 5.9 to 3.5 seconds
Range 230, 280, 300 miles
Standard Feature Premium sound and interior along with Glass roof
Towing Available (Capacity N/A)
Cargo Capacity 66 cubic feet

The 7 seater version of the Tesla Model Y will only become available in 2021 that too, at a price premium of $3,000.

Kim did some analysis to dissect some of the news and leaks surrounding Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y Electric SUV Specs

For starters, according to some leaked photos, the Model Y seems to have a new arrow wheel design. The leaked photo was taken near Tesla’s Fremont factory in California.

According to Kim, the new wheel design is similar to the China-bound Tesla Model 3.

She also points towards a possibly redesigned third row of the Tesla Model Y electric SUV. The presence of black colored inserts near the rear window led her to suggest the same.

She recalls experiencing the third row of the Tesla Model Y during the launch event and said the car “didn’t look like it had the most comfortable third row that I have ever seen.”

Kim supports a leak that suggests Tesla Model Y will begin production in early 2020 by connecting some dots.

Both the Model S and the Model Y share around 75% of their parts, according to Elon Musk.

Kim conducted her own investigation and uncovered that an assembly line at the Fremont factory did shut down for “retooling,” further confirming the report from CleanTechnica.

Tesla Model Y Electric SUV Price

In another leaked photo taken in California, the back of the Tesla Model Y electric SUV reveals a raised rear end quite similar in design to the Model X.

Elon Musk and several Tesla shareholders, including Kim, expect the Model Y to be the best selling car the company has ever made.

A number of factors point towards this conclusion.

Tesla Model 3 is one of the best selling cars in the segment, which is dying globally. People across the world, including in India, are shifting towards mid-size SUV markets.

According to a report by JATO, global SUV sales in 2018 accounted for 36.4% of the total market share. The compact SUV market has been on a steady rise from 2014 to 2018.

“The global mid-size SUV market is on fire, last year it grew about 7% and SUV market accounts for 4 out of every 10 cars sold worldwide,” said Kim.

She argued that Tesla Model 3 has been crushing the sales figure in a dying car segment, and “it only makes you wonder what the Model Y might be capable of when it hits production in a thriving segment.”

Based on this assumption, the Model Y could bring in more revenue than the Model S, 3 and X combined.

Tesla Is On A Growth Spurt

Tesla made around $143 million during Q3 2019 after several quarters of losses. The Tesla Model Y electric SUV could prove to be a big boon for the company in 2020 and even beyond.

Kim said by quoting Elon Musk that “Model Y will showcase the lessons they have learned from making Model S, 3 and X.”

“The goal for the Model Y would be to ramp up production as quickly and as seamlessly as possible,”

And judging by the currently ongoing development, the Tesla Model Y will likely be delivered before schedule.

Are you excited about the Tesla Model Y electric SUV launching early? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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