Elon Musk Says There’s 70% Chance He Will Move To Mars


In an interview with Axios on HBO Documentary Series, Elon Musk suggested that there’s a 70 percent chance he might go to Mars when asked about the likelihood of his visit to the planet.

He says that he has already seen a number breakthroughs and he is really ‘fired up’ about it. So eventually he’d move there and live.

While the trip to Mars seems like a near possibility (with the new SpaceX’s Starship, formerly called BFR), it definitely will cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

Elon Musk also suggested that the ad for a voyage to Mars would most likely be “Shackleton’s ad for going to the Antarctic,” hinting at the difficulties involved in the process.

After putting in massive amounts of money, if the journey proves to be a success, the conditions there will be a harsh challenge to take up, and it will be a struggle to survive there or make a return.

Musk further stated, “Your probability of dying on Mars is much higher than Earth. There’s a good chance of death, going in a little can through deep space.”

You can watch the interview here:

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Vanshika Malhotra

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