MX-23.3 ‘Libretto’ Released: Setting New Linux Distro Standards

Image: Linuxiac

MX-23 “Libretto” was released on July 31, 2023. Released on May 19, 2024, MX-23.3 ‘Libretto’ updates the MX-23 series with bug fixes, kernel enhancements, and updated applications. For those already using MX-23, there’s no need to reinstall. Users can obtain the updated packages through standard update channels or by installing the revised applications.

Image: Linuxiac

Key changes in MX-23.3 ‘Libretto’

  • In the installer’s OEM mode, users can choose a system language before starting the user setup process, ensuring that the setup proceeds in the selected language. The RPI Respin release defaults to enabling this feature.
  • The manual update includes organizing it into language-specific packages for easier access and reference.
  • The “build-essential” packages are now part of the ISO, supporting users who may need to compile drivers offline.
  • The antiX live system has introduced a zstd compression option to the live-remaster feature, offering users more compression choices.
  • Pipewire 1.0, with version 1.0.4 available in the test repository, is now part of the system. This change is significant because it breaks from the Debian standard but remains essential for the ISOs and users.
  • Users can use systemd software on the live system with “init=/lib/systemd/systemd” as boot code but expect to unmount errors during the shutdown, though they should happen after the filesystem is read-only.
  • The MX Locale tool now offers a feature to uninstall all manually installed language packages except the one set as the default language for the system.

Download MX-23.3 ‘Libretto’

The standard Xfce, KDE, and Fluxbox ISOs now run on the newest 6.1.90 kernel, while AHS opts for the 6.8.9 liquorix kernel. Meanwhile, the MX Raspberry Pi Respin incorporates the latest MX and RPiOS repositories packages.

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