Finally, YouTube’s Picture-In-Picture Mode Is Available For iPhones And iPads

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Google has recently announced that it will be launching the YouTube picture-in-picture mode for iPadOS and iOS. The feature will let you watch videos in the “floating window” while using other applications, and it’s now rolling out for many more people.

A community post made on Monday states that people operating iOS 15 should be able to see the feature soon, although there is certain fragmentation in availability.

YouTube Picture-In-Picture Release

YouTube Premium subscribers will get access to the feature regardless of their geographic position as long as they can get register to premium services, and they will be able to watch the content of every type.

For the free YouTube users, the company states that the picture-in-picture model is available in the United States. Inside the country, though, YouTube states that everyone using the YouTube app on iPhone and iPad” will get the feature although it will be useable for “non-music content.” (rephrase and improve the flow)

If you are an Android user, you most likely have had the feature for several years, and YouTube states that it remains unchanged today.

The news might confuse certain premium subscribers who have had access to the picture-in-picture model for a while through various methods. In June 2021, YouTube released a statement claiming that the feature was on its way to the app for premium customers and intended to bring the picture-in-picture mode to free users.

By August, the feature was released for experimentation that paid subscribers could enable. In April 2022, YouTube put an end to the experiment, ensuring that users won’t be able to sign up for it. At the time, YouTube claimed it would share more details on the feature soon.

Although it did take a lot of time for the company to release the feature, YouTube acknowledged that it’s “been a slow roll out for a highly requested feature.” It also said that it might take a while before the feature is completely available to all.

How to find the feature

If you want to check if you have access to the feature, you can open the YouTube application, play a video and then leave the app for your home screen or another application.

If the picture-in-picture mode is enabled for the account, the video will automatically pop out in the floating window. You can also check the availability of the feature b accessing the YouTube app and then going to Settings >General to find the toggle for “Picture-in-picture.”

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