iOS 16 On iPhone X Is Missing These Big Features

Apart from these iOS 16 on iPhone X works like a charm!

iOS 16 On iPhone X Is Missing These Big Features
Image: MKBHD

iOS 16 public beta is out, and it brings a plethora of new features. The update brings a lot of customization options, lock screen widgets, and a cool new image sticker feature. Older iPhones like the iPhone X from 2017 have also received the iOS 16 update.

However, it seems like only the newer models are benefitting the most from the latest public beta. iPhone X users are reportedly missing out on the fun little tricks iOS 16 offers.

iPhone X does not support the image sticker feature?

iOS 16 On iPhone X Is Missing These Big Features
Image: MKBHD

The highly tech-savvy have a propensity to approach new features with a jaded, “I’ve seen it all before” attitude. This is particularly true when Apple reveals new iPhone features amid much hype and compliments to itself.

An Android user may even argue that the “new iOS” features have existed for a long time on the likes of Google and Samsung. However, the tables have turned, and Apple seems to be implementing features that are out of the ordinary.

Along with the extensive lock screen widgets customization, Apple introduced an image sticker/image selection feature in the iOS 16 beta. You just have to tap and hold on to the main subject in an image in the Photos app. The app will generate a cut-out of the subject for you to use and share it as a sticker.

The photo does not have to be taken from that particular iPhone. As a matter of fact, it can be any image as long as it has a distinct separation of subject and the background. The feature is getting a lot of attention online, and users seem to love it.

However, this cool new feature does not work on older iPhones (here, the iPhone X) even after the update. A user took the issue to Twitter, stating that the image selection/isolation feature did not work on his iPhone X. According to him, the device is quite old and couldn’t even make the text selection in the iOS 15.

However, the other new features seem to be working fine with some bugs here and there. Do you own an iPhone X? Is the new image sticker feature working for you? Comment down below

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