Facebook Launches (And Deletes) Another “Security” App That Silently Tracks Your Data

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Facebook is up to its old tricks again after only a few weeks since the last controversy regarding Onavo Protect VPN app that allegedly tracks user data made headlines.

This time it has come up with another “security” app called Bolt App Lock whose primary function is to lock other apps present on mobile phones. The app allows users to add additional security measures such as patterns, PIN codes, or fingerprint recognition to apps that they don’t want others to access easily.

But this app has another crafty feature which tracks user activity and sends the collected data to Facebook. This was confirmed by the app’s listing, on Google Play which said that the Bolt App Lock collects data regarding other apps present on a user’s device.

It further said that the app collects “info about when those apps are used, and device and network information.”

Moreover, the disclosure said that as a part of Facebook, it can send the collected information to the company in order to “improve Facebook products and services, gain insights into the products and services people value, and build better experiences.”

Collection of mobile app usage and related information has already helped the social media giant to gain several competitive advantages over rivals like Snapchat.

Although Facebook deleted the app soon after its launch, it is quite clear that the company aims to gain more such insights by the creation of apps which deceive users and tracks their activity.

After receiving so much of negative attention, a Facebook spokesperson issued a statement to TechCrunch calling it a “small, brief test.”

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