Facebook Is Building Its Own Village With 1,500 Homes In California

facebook village

Short Bytes: Facebook has shared its plan to construct a ‘Facebook Village’ in Menlo Park, California. The village is to be built on a 56-acre land that Mark Zuckerberg bought in 2015. It would include 1500 units of housings with grocery stores, and others necessary community services. The group associated with the project wishes to emphasize on Facebook’s role in promoting community system. 

Facebook, I believe, is home to many and it would be a literal home to many within few years as Facebook is in full mood to construct a real world community. Facebook News Room recently declared a plan of constructing a ‘Facebook Village’ in Menlo Park, California. The site is a 56-acre land, which the social networking giant bought in 2015 for approximately $400 million.

Facebook’s  community would be called “Willow Campus” that would provide 1500 units of housing. Other than that, pharmacy, retail shops, grocery, and other essential amenities would be available. A proper township you may say.

It will be a ‘mixed-use’ village that would majorly inhabit Facebook’s employees. Willow Campus will include office space and hotels would be constructed as well. A total of 125,000 square feet of area would be established for community services.

But before the initial steps, Facebook will have to finish off with the necessary formalities with the related authorities and government, which is estimated to consume two years. Only after the review process, they will start with the construction.

After the plan gets finalized, the project will run its course. It would start in phases- first with the grocery, housing, and other mandatory requirements that would be done by 2021. Then other departments would be handled one by one. It was also talked that 15% of the housing would be sold at below market prices.

“Part of our vision is to create a neighborhood center that provides long-needed community services,” Facebook wrote. Other than promoting social surrounding and community service, it would generate a range of jobs.

Facebook’s design partner with this vision of Willow Campus is OMA New York. The company is also looking forward to image communities with local leaders mainly to emphasize on Facebook’s efforts to connect in a community.

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