Facebook Launches New Feature, You Won’t Believe What It Can Do To Your News Feed

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You want to experience some clickbait, just spend a few minutes on your Facebook News Feed and the experience will blow your mind. These stories are meant to spark your curiosity to the level that you end up clicking the link only to find nothing.

Facebook is making efforts to ramp down the number of clickbait posts appearing in people’s feed every day. The company is adding three updates to their existing clickbait fighting tool which was rolled out last year.

Now, Facebook will be able to differentiate better between a headline that’s a clickbait and the one that’s not.

“First, we are now taking into account clickbait at the individual post level in addition to the domain and Page level, in order to more precisely reduce clickbait headlines,” reads the official blog post.

The post further explains the way the tool would analyze posts to verify “whether a headline withholds information or if it exaggerates information separately.” Also, they’d extend the capabilities of their anti-clickbait tool to other languages.

Facebook identifies the phrases and words that are commonly present in clickbait headlines but not in others. Facebook says that the pages and posts leveraging clickbait headlines would observe a reduction in their reach. “If a Page stops posting clickbait and sensational headlines, their posts will stop being impacted by this change.”

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