Hate Twitter Ads? Musk May Have a Solution For You

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Image: Fossbytes / Priye Rai

Twitter Blue offers a great assortment of features that improve the overall site/app experience. Twitter Blue has it all, be it editing tweets, posting longer videos, or flaunting your verification badge! But it still fails to solve the one trivial issue, which is advertisements.

Ads are the bread and butter of Twitter, and the platform cannot survive without that revenue source. Musk vaguely hinted at addressing the issue to Twitter Blue subscribers some time back, but there isn’t a concrete solution to fix the problem yet. It is conflicting for the social platform to remove ads for paying subscribers because they will be counterintuitive to the overall money-making scheme hatched by Musk. So, what’s the probable solution? A more expensive payment tier will remove ads and keep overall profit margins high.

Does Twitter Blue subscription remove ads?

No. Twitter Blue subscription doesn’t remove ads. It just extends the feature set of the platform. If you study Musk’s intentions from the day he joined as Twitter’s CEO, you will notice that it’s always about profits and profits only. Even so, it comes at the cost of removing a large part of the workforce and reducing staff hospitality services, which includes cutting down the meals program.

Musk tweeted yesterday, “Ads are too frequent on Twitter and too long.” He added that he would address both issues in the coming weeks. Going by this statement, he may announce an ad-free tier for Twitter. But it could be more expensive than Twitter Blue. Why? It is because the current Twitter Blue subscription doesn’t address anything on ad removal. If Musk wanted that, it would have been the highlight of revamped Twitter Blue subscription plan.

But the reality is that he doesn’t want to do that. The concept of ad-free Twitter is enticing, but how many people will empty their pockets for just that? You can use an ad blocker on a laptop, and it works fine. Clearly, this upcoming subscription tier will be for niche Twitter users who are so disturbed by ads that they need to remove them. Moreover, removing ads for a very small set of Twitter users won’t put a dent in the revenue from the ad-focused money model anyways.

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