Want To See Elden Ring Boss Vs Boss Fight? Now You Can

Who are you rooting for?

Want To See Elden Ring Boss Vs. Boss Fight Now You Can
Screengrab: Garden of Eyes

Has the question ever popped up in your mind while playing the best-reviewed game ever – what if we see a Boss vs. Boss fight in Elden Ring? Who would come out as the ultimate winner between the two? Since Elden Ring has a variety of big bad bosses, it makes it hard to guess who’d win out of the two.

If it has, then you’re in luck; modder Garden of Eyes has been scrounging on Elden Ring’s files and has tinkered with it. Interestingly, the modder came up with a way to visualize the fights between Bosses in Elden Ring. Moreover, the Elden Ring Boss vs. Boss fight doesn’t feature any intervention from human players.

In addition, the modder Garden of Eyes is not new to the scene. In the past, the modder has worked on souls games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, making Boss vs. Boss fights for Dark Souls and Bloodborne Boss vs. Dark Souls 3 Boss. However, this time, the modder has brought the previous modding experience to another souls game, Elden Ring.

Furthermore, we’re sure many of us want to see the fight between the most talked about Elden Ring character Starscourge Radahn and the popular character from Elden Ring teaser Malenia; well, that is exactly what the modder has done. While there is only one Elden Ring Boss vs. Boss fight now, we’re hopeful we’ll be seeing a lot of content on this in the future. In the meantime, here’s a video featuring Radahn and Malenia fighting.

The video features an introduction of the two most popular characters of Elden Ring, along with both the bosses going 3 rounds against each other. To judge the fight in a non-biased manner, the two went to three bouts, with Malenia winning two out of three against Radahn.

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