Showtime Documentary On The Lincoln Project Gets A Trailer

The Lincoln Project
Image: Showtime

Showtime has released an official trailer for The Lincoln Project, an upcoming docuseries. It will follow members of the powerful political activist group (PAC) throughout the 2020 election, as well as GOP strategists’ efforts to derail Donald Trump.

The docuseries is directed by Oscar winner Fisher Stevens and Emmy winner Karim Amer. It will explore behind the scenes of the group’s rise and reveal the group’s valiant efforts to fight Trump. The series will also address other contentious issues, such as a sexual harassment controversy, a sudden influx of unfavorable news, and internal divisions over the company’s unethical financial management.

The Lincoln Project: Trailer

The trailer begins with images of Washington, DC, Donald Trump, and obnoxious tweets. In a brief clip, Donald Trump discusses the Lincoln Project, saying, “They should call it the Loser’s Project.”

“Here’s the key: There’s nothing noble about us,” Lincoln Project member Stuart Stevens says at one point in the trailer. But we have a purpose. The trailer then heightens the drama and stakes by hinting at the obstacles and criticism the organization would encounter following Biden’s election.

What exactly is The Lincoln Project?

The Lincoln Project is a collection of conservative senior GOP operators and strategists. It’s one of the fastest-growing PACs in the US. Their stated purpose is to “save democracy” by assassinating the president of their own party.

Created in late 2019, the official members include Stuart Stevens, John Weaver, Jennifer Horn, Rick Wilson, George Conway, Mike Madrid, and Reed Galen. Wilson and Galen are currently on the group’s board of directors, and Stevens is a senior adviser. The Lincoln Project is still functioning, with a strong social media presence, and is currently focused on the midterm elections.

New episodes of The Lincoln Project will air back-to-back every Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT beginning on October 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Additionally, all five episodes will be available on demand and via Showtime’s streaming service.

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