You Can Now Try GitHub Copilot AI To Help You Write Code

You Can Now Try GitHub Copilot AI To Help You Write Code
Image: GitHub

GitHub is an indispensable tool for software developers. The Microsoft-owned company yesterday announced that the GitHub Copilot AI is now available to all the software developers for a small fee. The company partnered with OpenAI to build an AI code suggestion tool.

Open AI is also building DALL-E 2 which produces images using natural language input. GitHub Copilot AI’s preview launched last year and was available to a select few people. But now, software developers around the world can use the tool to reduce their coding hours. The tool will offer suggestions while you type the code.

GitHub Copilot AI: What can it do?

GitHub Copilot AI might sound like a basic-code suggestion but it is far greater than that. The collaboration between GitHub and Open AI resulted in an ingenious assistant that can help coders minimize their overall time. It can make relevant suggestions that are not limited to a single line of code.

GitHub Copilot can suggest complete methods, boilerplate code, whole unit tests, and even complex algorithms. Moreover, it offers the options to accept, reject, or edit suggestions.

Developers can integrate the GitHub Copilot AI with many popular IDEs. The list includes Neovim, JetBrains IDEs, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code. Programmers can also venture into uncharted coding languages and use the code suggestions by the AI to learn and improve faster.

GitHub Copilot AI
Image: GitHub

At GitHub, it’s part of our mission to build technology that makes developers happy. Since the launch of the GitHub Copilot technical preview last year, it’s become abundantly clear that AI is one of the best tools to empower the next generation of developers,” said Thomas Dohmke in the official blog post.

GitHub Copilot AI isn’t free. But the excitement around the tool is pretty overwhelming. In a span of one year, more than 1.2 million developers signed up for the technical preview of the tool. If you want to access the GitHub Copilot AI, you need to spend only $10 per month or $100 per year.

GitHub will also offer a 60-day free trial, and students & maintainers of popular open-source projects can get it for free. They just have to produce valid documentation that proves that they are eligible for free access.

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