Motorola Deletes Tweet Trolling Nothing, But Pei’s RT Remains

Motorola Deletes Tweet Trolling Nothing, But Pei's RT Remains
Image: Twitter

Although a new entrant in the market, Nothing seems to be scaring off competitors. Recently, Motorola made a notorious tweet targeting Nothing and later deleted it. Although it was quite whimsical, Motorola’s “why have Nothing when you can have everything” tagline surely didn’t age well.

After CEO Carl Pei made a reply on Twitter, it stirred up a conversation. Motorola’s ‘supposedly clever’ advertisement started getting backlash on Twitter. “There’s no way they thought that was a good ad,” a user wrote.

We’ve seen it before

Motorola Deletes Tweet Trolling Nothing, But Pei's RT Remains
Image: Motorola

Smartphone companies trolling one another and then later deleting posts is the norm at this point. Although Nothing is late to the party, it’s getting its fair share of trolling controversies. Similarly, Samsung trolled Apple for removing the charger in the box. However, the company later deleted the tweet when it did the same.

This takes us back to when Apple removed the headphone jack and was targeted by Samsung. But guess what? Samsung did the same a few years down the line. However, at times Samsung has also been on the receiving end.

OnePlus trolled Samsung by mocking its foldable smartphones. In a tweet, the company uploaded the image of two OnePlus 9Pro handsets kept together, giving them a foldable appearance.

Although it was clear that OnePlus was not launching their foldable smartphone, the main goal was to drive attention away from the Galaxy Z Fold3’s launch event. However, this too did not age well, and OnePlus later deleted the tweet.

Motorola deletes tweet after trolling.

Apart from top-tier flagships, the mid-range rivalry is also going strong. Motorola boasted its edge 30 smartphones compared to the Nothing Phone (1). However, being an absolute sport, CEO Carl Pei replied, “93-year-old brand paying respect to < 2-year-old brand“. Although the backlash resulted in Motorola deleting the tweet, Carl Pei’s reply remains.

Other companies are also giving flack to the Nothing brand. Sneha Taniwala, Director at Redmi Business, also took a shot at Nothing for using a mid-range chipset. “Guys-778G is honestly #nothing; wait till u get your hands on #RedmiK50i, which will come equipped with @MediaTekIndia Dimensity 8100,” she wrote.

Lastly, with all its hype and marketing, Nothing has created a space for itself on the internet. And established Mid-range smartphone manufacturers are acknowledging the brand as a competitor. Hopefully, Nothing builds a legacy ahead and provides unique alternatives to the customers.

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