3D Printed Warships: 3D Printing Will Soon Print Military Ships At Sea


3d-printing-shipShort Bytes: The 3D printing technology is advancing at a fast rate. If reports are to be believed, by 2030, navies around the world would be able to print 3D military vessels at sea.

With the phenomenal advancements in the 3D printing technology, it could soon become one of the most useful and handy technology for the humans. The 3D printed objects are already in use in critical fields such as healthcare and  automation, and that’s not all.

If Qinetiq, a defence contractor from the U.K is to be believed, then in the next 15 years, navies would be able to 3D print high-end warships while at sea. And this could even extend for other armed forces as well. Right now the 3D printers use raw materials as metals and plastics to build objects, but in future if a 3D printer that uses nano-materials is devised, then the idea of printing a military vessel wouldn’t be far fetched.

The developed nations are in the race to get the best technologies for their defence forces. Out-of-the-box ideas like hoverbikes for soldiers are also being entertained, so creating a navy ship out of nowhere during an emergency is welcomed without any doubt.

The report says that not just 3D, but the 4D printing technology is also in progress. The 4D printed materials would be able to adapt to the surroundings. The research and development work continues to make the battlefront less endangering for the soldiers and therefore, the technology is harnessed to create cutting edge military weapons and armors.

With 3D technology and advanced materials like carbon fiber reinforced plastics that are enhanced with nanotubes, the navies around the world would be able to build lighter, robust and stealthier crafts.

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