How A Super-powerful Waterjet Cuts A Laptop In Two Parts

laptop cut by waterjet
laptop cut by waterjet

laptop cut by waterjetShort Bytes: What will happen if you try to cut a laptop in two parts using a waterjet? Before you make any assumptions and answer this question, let me tell you that here I’m talking about a high-powered waterjet spitting fury at 60,000 psi. I’ll avoid spoiling the outcome and suggest you to go ahead and watch the video yourself.

A waterjet cutter is an industrial tool that’s capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using an extremely high pressure of water, or a mixture of an abrasive substance and water.

Now combine the same with a smartphone or camera and you’ve got a sensational video of an intense waterjet cutting gadgets in a spectacular fashion.

With YouTube and the newly released Facebook Live video, the film-making has become super-democratic and people love watching things getting destroyed in a unique fashion.

One of the latest additions to this list of YouTubers is the channel Cut In Half. Within just 3 weeks, the channel has garnered hundreds of thousands of viewers.

The channel uses an Omax Abrasive Waterjet that cuts anything with a power of 60,000 psi jet of water. If you want to get an idea of this extreme pressure, just for comparison, imagine a car tire that has air filled at 35 psi.

In its recent video, the channel cuts a 2007-era Toshiba laptop with a water jet.

Dear laptop, rest in peace — you won’t be waking up again!

If you enjoyed that, here’s another video in the series that you might like:

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