Corning Gorilla Glass ‘Victus’ Can Stand 2M Fall: Galaxy Note 20 To Get It First

Corning Victus

Corning has revealed a new and more resilient Gorilla glass and calls it “Gorilla Glass Victus.” It said that the glass technology is twice as scratch resistant as Gorilla Glass 6 and can survive a fall from a height of 2m.

Nearly every smartphone, laptop, tablet, wearables come with glass protection to protect the screen. And Corning has been leading glass protection on smartphones for several years.

Smartphone manufacturers have been using Corning Gorilla Glass 6 for over three years now. In fact, your smartphone might just be using Corning glass protection on the front and/or on the back.

“Victus” appears to be the successor of Gorilla Glass 6. While Corning has derailed from the standard naming scheme, evidence suggests that it could be called Gorilla Glass 7. The evidence comes from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 leaks, which says the Ultra model will come with GG7.

Coming to specifics, Corning said the glass scratches between 7-10 Newtons, whereas previous generations have scratches between 2-4 Newtons. To put it simply, the Gorilla Glass Victus is likely to be scratch resistant from sharp items that usually leave a light scratch on our smartphone as of now.

Another significant change, as I mentioned earlier, is that the Victus can survive multiple falls from a height of 2m. Compared with Gorilla Glass 6, it’s a minor change since GG6 can survive a fall from a height of 1.8m. But if we combine it with the overall improvements, it is undoubtedly a better choice.

Corning has confirmed that Samsung will be the first smartphone manufacturer to use the Gorilla Glass Victus. In other words, we only have to wait for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to know the real toughness of Victus. Samsung is holding the Unpacked event on August 5th.

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