Contribute Anonymously To Git Repositories Over Tor With Gitnonymous Project

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tor github

tor-githubShort Bytes: With gitnonymous project, now you can obfuscate your true identity while making Git commits and pushing to public repositories. Using the instructions given on the GitHub page, learn to setup your anonymous account.

Chris McCormick (aka chr15m) released an open source project called gitnonymous which can help you contribute to any public repository by obfuscating your true identity. You can follow the instructions given on the GitHub page to setup your anonymous account.

It can be helpful for developers who are passionate about open source projects and willing to contribute but their corporates policies don’t allow them to contribute to open source projects.

Though this project doesn’t provide complete anonymity, the reasons below suggest that it is a good start. As more developers join the project, it will soon achieve maturity and complete anonymity.

@ryancdotorg on Hacker News pointed out following information leaks that may still be used to try to identify you –

  • Your timezone will appear in Git commits (narrows down location).
  • Commit times will be leaked (narrows down sleeping/working hours).
  • SSH client version will be leaked to servers you connect to (shows Linux distro version and patch level).

chr15m later called it pseudonymous method.

Read more about the gitnonymous on GitHub.

Do you think we need this project? Add your views in the comments below.

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