Intel 8th Generation Core CPUs Coming Later This Year — Here’s What To Expect

intel 8th generation

Short Bytes: Intel’s 8th Generation Core CPUs are slated to arrive later this year. But, contrary to what was expected, Intel will stick to the 14-nanometer process for the fourth time in a row. The company claims to bring another 15% performance improvement–something which is not being well received by the industry enthusiasts. Another media report also speculates that the upcoming refresh will focus more on low power chips for lightweight laptops.

Earlier this year, Intel revealed that its 10nm chips will be released later this year. However, in a surprising move, at its annual investor day in California, the company told that its next line of CPUs will be once again built on a 14-nanometer process.

These Intel 8th Generation Core Cannon Lake CPUs will be released in the 2nd half of 2017. As the company has decided to stick with the 14nm process, you shouldn’t expect tons of improvements.

This development also affirms the fact that Intel’s tick-tock model should now be forgotten. At the moment, Intel hasn’t revealed much details regarding the 8th Generation Core processors. The company has only said that it’ll bring 15% performance improvements, just like we saw in 7th Generation Core chips.

A report from AnandTech also notes that 8th Gen release will focus primarily on low voltage U- and Y-series chips. These CPUs are used in lightweight notebooks. This trend was also seen in the releases of other recent generations.

This also means that the future of Intel’s 10nm chips isn’t very bright. It’s something that’ll be a big test for the company. So, are Intel bosses a little nervous? Well, I bet they are super nervous!

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