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codingame-get-better-at-codingShort Bytes: CodinGame is an interactive website that lets you improve your coding skills by playing games. You need to enter correct commands to defeat the enemies and win the game. The website lets you choose your favorite programming language from lots of options and become better at coding.

A website named CodinGame helps you improve your programming skills with games. Everything happens inside an in-browser IDE, when one codes and tests the new ideas in real-time. One needs to defeat the enemies by entering the right commands in the console.

The solo and multiplayer coding games on the website are ‘turn-based’. So, at each turn, the program takes new inputs and must output the action.

Before starting the real action, you need to choose a programming language from a set of languages. You can go ahead with a language that you already know or learn a new language in this fun process.

Here are the available options:

C#, C++, Java, Javascript, Python3, Bash, C, Clojure, Dart, F#,
Go, Groovy, Haskell, Lua, Objective C, OCaml, Pascal, Perl,
PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Swift, VB.NET

After selecting a programming language, the first step involves telling your program to shoot the closest alien. To do this, you need to copy/paste a piece of code in the code editor.

After doing so, CodinGame presents the option of test cases to make sure that you’ve done your work properly. Simply test your code by playing a test case. This will show your code in action.

After the basic start, you are now ready to learn by playing more advanced games. Go ahead, try CodinGames here.

Note: This website isn’t designed for beginners. If you have basic coding skills, you can use it to become better at coding.

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