How To Turn On All New Chrome UI Features? Use This Single Flag!

Enable Chrome UI Features

If you’re among the 58% people who regularly use Google Chrome, you know how important and useful Chrome flags can be. All you need to do is a couple of clicks and you get to try new features that are not enabled for the general public.

Google is working on a new Chrome flag which has an interesting name, #uifood. With a single option, it turns on all the new UI features being added to Google Chrome.

You can visit chrome://flags and enable the flag uifood. Click the Relaunch button to save the changes. However, as it’s always the case with experimental features, you can do this on Chromium nightly builds or Chrome Canary. And the flag is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Enable Chrome UI Features uifood

For now, there isn’t much visible difference. But the development team is constantly working to make uifood a single door to access Chrome all design changes.

There is another amazing Chrome flag that gives a fresh coat of paint to the web browser. It enables Chrome’s new Touchable Refresh design meant for touchscreen devices and convertibles.

Enable a flag called #top-chrome-md.

Enable Chrome UI Features top-chrome-md

If you don’t have a touchscreen device, you can still try the refreshed interface by selecting Refresh in the flag’s drop-down menu. The UI elements in the touchable interface are bigger in size to make it easier to use on touch devices.

Source: XDA

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