Android 13 Beta 2.1 for Pixel Phones Released

Android 13 Beta 2.1

When software updates are released, it is bound to have some bugs that require addressing. Google announced the launch of Android 13 Beta 2.1 on Thursday, less than a month after its predecessor.

The update provides plenty of bug fixes and certain stability improvements. The update is mainly available for the Pixel phones back to Pixel 4 as the phones encountered a lot of bugs and were having massive performance issues.

Android 13 Beta 2.1 release notes

According to the release notes, there are four issues that the update mainly aims to resolve. It includes:

  1. Fixed the bug which prevented the user from efficiently typing into the search bar and instead resulted in a blank suggestion list
  2. Resolved the issue where turning the hotspot ON would crash the device and force it to restart
  3. Fixed the issue where the call dialing sound would be heard consistently in the background throughout a phone call.
  4. Solved the issue where the device would crash and forced restart after disconnecting it from the Android Auto.

However, the update still fails to address all the issues. The pixel launcher search was not patched as it remains broken and doesn’t display text with the Google app 13.20 (beta) installed.

Android 13 Beta 2.1
Image Credit: Unsplash

If you are on Android 13 Beta already, you will be notified automatically through OTA about the update. If you are on the Android 12 QPR (Quarterly Platform Release) Beta program, you will be required to exit and re-enroll for the Android 13 beta.

However, before enrolling in the Android 13 Beta and being carried away by its hype, you need to remember that the Operating system is still in the early Beta testing phase; thus, it naturally comes with plenty of issues. If you persist in enrolling, you should create a backup of data as it will wipe it out in most cases.

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