China Starts Limiting Video Gameplay For Kids, 90 Mins/Day Is The Limit


Trying to curb the negatives of technology and increase the positives, China has passed a new law that will limit the time kids spend on video gameplay.

No Video Games After 10 In The Night!

According to a report by The New York Times, the new rule will lead to a limit of playing video games for 90 minutes per day.

This means kids below the age of 18 years will only get 90 minutes of video gameplay a day on weekdays, which is Monday to Friday. Additionally, kids can’t play video games after 10 pm.

However, the weekends can prove relaxing for kids who love video games as they will get an increased limit of three hours a day.

China’s National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) has passed this new law for kids to spend less time on their smartphones/PCs’ screens.

The move is to deal with problems such as video addiction, poor eyesight, and not-up-to-the-mark academic performance by the kids. Furthermore, the rule will induce “cultural values” among the citizens of China, as advocated by the ruling Communist Party.

Speaking of values, Tencent delisted PUBG from China and replaced it with Game for Peace to promote non-violence and patriotism. This was also done by NPPA.

In addition to the usage limit, kids will be required to use their real names and ID numbers, as using fake ones is a common practice. In-game purchases have a limit too, which will start from $28 to $57 a month, which will depend on the age of the user.

What Will Be The Law’s Impact?

The new rule by the Chinese government is another step to curb smartphone usage, which has gone uphill since we got introduced to them.

It might be strict, but it will be an addition to the screen limit and parental control apps, that at times, could not prove immensely strict.

However, it could disrupt the Chinese video game market, which is currently the largest globally, and we know how many popular games come from the Chinese mainland.

Eventually, it could inspire such video game restrictions in other countries as well, especially in India, where people are equally crazy about games such as PUBG and CoD.

What are your thoughts on the same? Comment below!

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