3 Reasons Why Valorant Can Dominate Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

3 Reasons Why Valorant Could Dominate Counter Strike Global Offensive

Just a few days back, Riot Games launched Valorant, a multiplayer 5v5 first-person shooter game. The game already had millions of players when it was in closed beta. And now, it’s free to play for everyone who owns a decent Windows system. So, unarguably, Valorant will grab millions of more players in the coming days.

Ever since Riot announced Valorant, players started comparing the game with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. That is because CSGO, which was released in 2012, is also a multiplayer FPS game. Also, the general ‘Attackers vs. Defenders” theme of Valorant seems inspired by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Despite being called the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ripoff, Valorant is getting the attention of many players. A lot of Counter-Strike players are leaving the game for Valorant. Some are even saying that Valorant could take on the king. If you’re wondering how, here are the three primary reasons:

Is Valorant Better Than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Yes, Here’s Why

1. Multiple Agents Adds More Variety

Without a doubt, the best thing about Valorant is the agents. In total, there are 11 agents in the game, each with different sets of skills. Besides working on your aims, you have to get a hold over your preferred agent’s ability to be good at the game.

What’s fantastic is that it will take you a long time to master every agent in Valorant. At some point, if you feel Valorant is too easy, switch to another agent, and the game will feel completely different. And by the time you’ll master every Valorant Agent, there will be a bunch of new agents added to the list.

On the other hand, Counter-Strike: Global offensive feels exactly like how it was back in 2012. For some players, CS:GO is so perfect that it doesn’t need any change. However, a lot of players desperately want to see something new in Counter-Strike. 

2. Fewer Cheaters

Despite all the concerns about Riot’s new anti-cheat system, Vanguard is quite efficient. The anti-cheat system keeps running in the background even if the game isn’t running. So, it prevents players from using cheating software as soon as the system is turned on.

It’s hard to say that Valorant will have no hackers at all. However, Riot also bans the hardware associated with the cheater’s account. So, we could say that there will be fewer hackers in Valorant.

On the other hand, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an ocean of hackers.

Players have been asking Valve to get strict against the cheaters and create a fair gaming environment. However, the developers of CS:GO didn’t take the cheating problem seriously. Developers didn’t feel like improving the game because, despite all the shortcomings, Counter-Strike was undisputable.

The game is still at the top in Steam charts with millions of players. But with the arrival of Valorant, the players finally have a CS:GO alternative with less hackers.

The best thing Valorant is that the developers of the game are listening to what players have to say. They are continually addressing the issues with Valorant and working on improving the game. That’s the attitude players actually expected from Valve, the studio behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

3. New Chunk Of Players

Riot made a modernized version of CS: GO that appeals to a broader audience. A lot of players who didn’t play FPS games in their life are trying out Valorant. Even a couple of my friends who never played CS:GO are enjoying Valorant. That’s because Valorant is more fun and casual version of Counter-Strike: Global offensive.

Of course, hardcore fans will stick to CS:GO; however, many new FPS players are going to jump in to play Valorant. 

Shroud, one of the popular game streamers worldwide, said that Valorant is developed to let in the new FPS players. And it is exactly what’s happening. 

Valorant is already dominating the viewership on YouTube and Twitch. People who are watching the game are intrigued to try out the game themselves. So, we can say that the game has got potential; that is if the developers keep on improving the game.

Is Valorant Going To Kill Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Steam charts’ numbers for CS:GO dropped considerably since the launch of Valorant, but the game isn’t going to die. Surely there will be some CS:GO players who’ll make a switch towards Valorant. However, as previously stated, millions of hardcore Counter-Strike fans will not give up on the game. 

In my opinion, Valorant will grab a huge chunk of new FPS players that might dominate the player base of Counter-Strike. On the other hand, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will have to start listening to its community to maintain its current player base. 

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