No Internet? No Problem — “ARON” Is A Futuristic And Free Wi-Fi Alternative That Uses IR

aron futuristic wifi
SureFire is an American company that is known to produce illumination products and other daily use devices. At CES 2018, the company unveiled ARON, its new communications system that works without internet.

ARON stands for “augmented reality optical narrowcasting.” SureFire says that the technology is based on Alexander Graham Bell’s invention Photophone. ARON is a type of wireless data transfer system that makes use of infrared light and optical beacons. It has a range of up to 400 meters during the day and 1,200 meters in the night.

The product’s web page states that ARON establishes the range, data-rate, and miniaturization like never before. It also offers unprecedented power, freedom, and flexibility. It also allows users to access an AR view of the surroundings and fetch information from it.

With the help of ARON, one can transmit any type of digital information. It can be easily installed in a phone or vehicle, and data transfer can be done without any cost. With the help of local beacons, IR light could turn out to be an alternative to radio frequency and make communication easier in high-traffic places.

Apart from being free, this technology could turn out to be useful in the areas with limited internet connectivity. It can also be used to establish a communication channel in times of natural disaster that can wipe out the existing communication networks.

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