These Custom Windows 10 Icons Are The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Windows 10 Custom Icons Reddit

There are a variety of Windows 10 customization options that users can try to make their desktop look beautiful. Surely, one of the ways to improve the visual appearance is by changing the system icons.

It’s a small change that would not be visible to many, but it certainly adds a feeling of freshness to the UI. Now, if you’re looking for some custom Windows 10 icons, then you might want to check out these Fluent Design-based Windows 10 icons made by Reddit user u/itspuia.

These custom Windows 10 icons carry a simple and minimalistic appeal but also bring out a subtle 3D effect. The Redditor has created a limited number of those, including Downloads, File Explorer, Pictures, Videos, Documents, Cloud, and local disk drives.

Most of the users who commented on the Reddit post praised the efforts of the creator. However, one user pointed out that it’s a little hard to distinguish the icons for the Pictures, Videos, Documents folders. Nonetheless, there is always a scope for improvement when it comes to creative projects.

If you want to try out these custom Windows 10 icons, you can download them using this link. To put them in place, right-click on the desired folder. Then go to Properties > Customize > Change icon. Now, click on Browse to add the icon file and save the changes.

Itspuia currently has no plans to make more of these icons but might end up designing more if time and design complexity permits.

For those who don’t know, Microsoft is also working on a new set of icons for its various apps and services, including Windows itself. Of course, all of these new icons are based on Fluent Design. Every now and then, we see on these new icons being added to Windows 10.

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