Bluetooth 5 Launched, Brings 2x Speed And 4x Range


Short Bytes: This week, Bluetooth SIG announced the appointment of Bluetooth 5 as the face of Bluetooth core specification. The low energy Bluetooth 5 comes with twice speed, four-times range, and eight-times larger broadcast message size.

The days are gone when Bluetooth was confined to a few meters around your device. As we told you earlier, Bluetooth 5 is the new representative of SIG’s Bluetooth core specifications.

With this new Bluetooth version, the SIG is also done with the decimal places. Bluetooth 5 is just Bluetooth 5.

Bluetooth 5 Features

The new version of the Bluetooth technology has arrived with many visible improvements, giving it an edge over its predecessors —

  • Four times range (Around 800 feet or 240m).
  • Two times speed (Around 50 Mbit/s).
  • Low energy.
  • Eight times broadcast message size, increasing the amount of data sent.

Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) group says that the long-range Bluetooth 5 can cover an entire home or building. They have worked to reduce the interference of Bluetooth 5 with radio signals of co-existent wireless technologies.

Bluetooth 5 will propel the IoT ecosystem

It very likely that Bluetooth 5 will play a significant role in realizing the dream of smart homes and spaces with IoT (Internet of Things) devices capable of talking to each other. And before that, it could be used to boost data syncing between your smartphone and wearable gadgets like fitness bands and smartwatches.

Devices equipped with Bluetooth 5 are expected to hit the shelves in a span of around 2 to 6 months, according to the group.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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