Best COD Mobile Renetti Loadout For High Mobility And One Burst Kill

Best COD Mobile Renetti Loadout; For High Mobility, Long Range Kills, And One Burst Kill

Call of Duty Mobile recently launched a new weapon in the game, the Renetti pistol. A semi-automatic three-round burst pistol; this weapon is unlike any other in the game. The hype for the launch of this weapon was at its peak since Renetti’s launch in Call of Duty Warzone. This article will feature the COD Mobile Renetti loadouts for two very different kinds of playstyles.

Interestingly, the players can unlock the Renetti pistol after completing a series of events, including getting kills from the MW-11 gun in Call of Duty Mobile’s multiplayer mode. Moreover, being a semi-automatic pistol, the Renetti is a versatile weapon that can be modified into many good versions.

As of now, it can potentially be the best sidearm in Call of Duty Mobile. Moving on, let’s have a look at these Renetti custom loadouts.

COD Mobile Renetti custom loadout

The Quick Gun

This Renetti custom loadout in Call of Duty Mobile focuses on having higher mobility. For the players looking to have a faster ADS speed and increased fire rate, this is the loadout for you. The enemy players won’t have a chance against this custom Renetti as this will get the job done in a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, this gun doesn’t yet have the option to equip an akimbo perk, so you’ll have to manage with just one pistol.

BarrelMIP LightLevel 38
LaserMIP Laser 5mWLevel 33
Trigger ActionMatch Grade TriggerLevel 8
AmmunitionLarge Extended Mag BLevel 31
Rear GripHandmade Grip TapeLevel 10
COD mobile Renetti loadout agressive

The Silent Killer

This COD Mobile Renetti loadout must be on the list of the players who like to sneak up on other players. If you wish to have a more sneaky approach, you should add the dead silence perk to make a complete ninja loadout.

Moreover, the attachments in this loadout allow the players to make long-range kills with the Renetti while laying low on enemy radar.

MuzzleMonolithic SuppressorLevel 36
BarrelOWC RangerLevel 12
StockControlLevel 25
Trigger ActionMatch Grade TriggerLevel 8
AmmunitionExtended Mag ALevel 6
COD mobile Renetti loadout suppressed

So that’s it for this loadout guide for COD Mobile’s Renetti loadout. And unlike the M16, the Renetti is quickly turning some heads mainly because of its burst shooting ability and the capability to make a close-range one-shot kill.

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