Blindfolded Gamer Beats Super Mario Bros. In Under 15 Minutes

super mario bros blindfolded 15 minutesShort Bytes: A Japanese gamer has accomplished the unthinkable by beating Super Mario Bros blindfolded in under 15 minutes. This YouTuber who goes by the handle of きらめきでどーだい practised the game for three months and uploaded his victorious video on YouTube.

In the recent times, the speed runs and game clearance feats have become a rage on video hosting websites. Gamers beat the hardest games ever made with their own expert skills and become an overnight sensation. In a similar development, a Japanese YouTuber きらめきでどーだい has now completed an extraordinary 15-minute run of Super Mario Bros.

The YouTuber achieved this feat by practising playing the game blindfolded for three months. Well, the hard work didn’t go waste and the result is in front of us in the form of a fascinating roller coaster ride video.

If you imagine completing this challenging game blindfolded, you’ll find it impossible. But, if you take a look at the video closely, you’ll get a good idea of how he managed to beat the game.

The gamer uses the audio to guide him through the game, he often counts beats and mumbles the rhythms. There are many moments in the blindfolded run when things get intense but he blows away every obstacle.

This is one of the most impressive speed runs I’ve ever seen and it blows me away. Check it out below and excuse him for his emotional outburst at the end:

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