Bill Gates: Zuckerberg “Owes Me” For Alerting Him About The Lawmakers

Mark zuckerberg owes bill gates

Things have been shaky, lately, for Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg who is seen as a man driven by greed, hell-bent on hogging the data of Facebook users in the eyes of critics.

In a detailed interview with The New Yorker, Zuckerberg discussed his zeal for succeeding despite the odds and building “the best community.”

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, who also dropped Harvard to pursue their dream of setting up a company, has been a mentor for Zuckerberg. When Bill Gates was asked on Mark Zuckerberg’s reputation as an arrogant and competitive human being, he said, “Somebody who is smart, and rich, and ends up not acknowledging problems as quickly as they should will be attacked as arrogant. That comes with the territory.” He also added, “I wouldn’t say that Mark’s an arrogant individual.”

The recent and infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal tarnished the image of the social media platform over a massive data leak that affected as many as 80 million people. As a result, Zuckerberg was invited to testify before Congress.

Bill Gates had also appeared before the lawmakers in 1998 when Microsoft was accused of violating the federal anti-trust law. Gates who was at the peak of his success at that time testified arrogantly and said, famously, “the computer-software industry is not broken, and there is no need to fix it.”

Later, Gates said that he regretted “taunting” lawmakers and “(it is) Not something I would choose to repeat.” Learning from his mistakes, Gates advised Zuckerberg to be wary of D.C.

As per Gates, “I said, ‘Get an office there—now.’ And Mark did, and he owes me.”

Zuckerberg’s testimonies reflected that he heeded the advice offered by Gates as he was polite and answered most of the questions in the best of his capacity.

You can read Mark Zuckerberg’s complete interview here.

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