Indian Scientist: “New NASA Findings Tell That ‘True’ Black Holes DO NOT Exist”

true-black-hole-does-not-existShort Bytes: Last month NASA recorded an extremely rare activity when a huge burst of X-ray was seen coming “out” of a supermassive black hole. Abhas Mitra, an Indian scientist from Mumbai University, has said that these NASA observations support his theory that “true (Einstein’s) black holes” don’t exist.

The conventional astrophysics tells us that black holes are ultra-compact objects that have a gravitational field so powerful that even light can not escape from its “event horizon.” But, last month the world was shocked when NASA caught a huge burst of X-ray coming “out” of a supermassive black hole.

NASA called these events extremely rare and wrote that it happens when “their surrounding coronas — sources of extremely energetic particles  — shoot, or launch, away from the black holes.”

Abhas Mitra, an Indian scientist from Mumbai University, has said that these NASA observations support his theory that “true (Einstein’s) black holes” don’t exist and they are actually Sun-like superhot balls of magnetized plasma.

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“Instead of true black holes predicted by Einstein’s theory, we proposed that massive stars end up as balls of fire — called quasi-black holes or Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Objects (MECOs),” he says.

He says that the latest NASA findings can be naturally explained by the MECO paradigm. Talking about the X-ray emissions, he says, “gas streams pulled inward by gravity get extremely hot by friction and may radiate X-rays. While a true black hole cannot possess any intrinsic magnetic field, there can be magnetic field associated with the disk or gas surrounding a MECO.”

In his interview with Natureasia, Mitra says that this should inspire that astrophysicists to take a closer look at our existing beliefs about black holes.

Source: Natureasia, NASA

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11 thoughts on “Indian Scientist: “New NASA Findings Tell That ‘True’ Black Holes DO NOT Exist””

  1. Until now, eistein's predictions are the most accurate and intuitive theory, ever exists. I don't thing a professor from an unknown univercity who probably wants to gain attention is worth noting. At least, there are not enough evidense to support his theory, nor a convincing mathematics proof!

  2. Yes, it would be healthy to take a closer look at our existing beliefs about black holes and other byproducts of Einsteins theories. Many will continue to preach about how accurate and intuitive they are, yet the theories only work with fudge factors like dark matter and dark energy. Fudge factors that would be recjected as aprils fools jokes in any other field of science. Enjoy :)

  3. Dear Konstantinos, don't forget that Einstein was at some point of his life an unknown scientis as this professor. Science does not evolve from clinging to old theories but trying to find new ones that explain more fully the reality.

  4. Manuel Chan You are of course right. But i am a very stern Mechanical & Software engineer. If you give me a good Math proof, i am ok! However, this theory, seems probably hasn't even few lines of math written or somekind of simulation which supports that.

    Therefore, is very difficult to me, to pay attention in something like this!

  5. All the others theories, they have tried, they explain just a certain type of phenomenon each. They aren't consistant nor elegant. So you can't blame me for don't agreeing with yuhu theories. When you say fudge, you probably mean the dummy approach, with which complex equations became linear, to serve simplification. And of course in these cases, had created huge variations to the results… Yes, i know! People must learn how and when to use a tool.

    But, this doesn't make the initial idea wrong, just the way people perceive and use!

  6. Konstantinos Tsatsarounos . You have misunderstood me completelty. I am not asking you to agree with any theories, so there is no blame at all. I was just pointing out some of the flaws in the Standard Model which rest upon Einsteins theories. Now.. when a theory is proven wrong, then it does not matter how beautiful it looks, how much you lack better theories or how many think it is still the best theory there is. It is still wrong. Of course people can apply part of a wrong theory and get good results. Take sea charts back from when people thought the earth was flat. Despite being based on an incorrect idea, it still allowed many ships to navigate to their destinations, however, the fact that they reached their destination, never actually made the earth flat. Getting back to the article, it is really quite simple. If your theory say that there is something called a black hole, and that nothing can escape a black hole, and if such a black hole just send out a whole crapload of something, then the theory is wrong. End of story.

  7. This indisn professor'name will disppear in no time. I love how somebody can just make a general statement without evidence and idiots accept it. Einsteinian physics is still the most explanatory model on a cosmic level. Oh and mr manuel chan if u a had a grain of knowledge u would know that albert einstein won the noble prize when he was in his early 20s …so yeah he was almost always a star a few years after one would graduate from high school

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