Want To Study Better? Here Are The Best Tablets For Students Under $499 In 2023

best tablets for students
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The way everyone uses tablets has dramatically evolved over the past few decades. The primary vision of what tablets could be is now a reality, and it’s great news for all users. If you’re a student, a tablet can help you in several ways; we have picked the best laptops for students to enhance their learning experience.

An average student does many things, from consuming media to taking notes and preparing assignments. Luckily, tablets are a valuable investment for all students as they can do it all, and they’re not as expensive as laptops with adequate performance. Moreover, you can choose from several inexpensive tablets to get everything done.

5 Best Tablets for students in 2023

The tablet market has become saturated over the past few years, and not all are great choices. However, we have picked the best and budget-friendly options. Here are the best tablets for students that you can get right now.

Note: Devices in this list aren’t in any order of preference.

1. Apple iPad (9th Generation): Overall the best tablet for students

ipad 9th generation

First off, the iPad (9th Generation) makes it the list of the best tablets for students. While the 9th Gen iPad isn’t the latest model that Apple offers, it still is the tablet that offers the highest value for money, making it a suitable choice for students. The 2021 iPad is great for everyday tasks and can handle all essential workloads easily.

Housing Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, the iPad can easily withstand your multitasking requirements. While the A13 Bionic is an older chip, it’s sufficient for most students that want an everyday device. All in all, the 2021 iPad is an appropriate choice for students.

SoCApple A13 Bionic
Storage64 GB
Display10.2-inch 2160 x 1620 Retina Display
BatteryUp to 10 hours
OSApple iPad OS
Weight1.06 pounds (or 484.77 g)
Compatible AccessoriesApple Pencil (1st Gen), Apple Keyboard

2. Microsoft Surface Go 3: Best Windows tablet

surface go 3 best tablets for students

If you prefer Windows as your primary operating system over other tablet OSes, the Surface Go 3 is an excellent choice. Microsoft’s Surface lineup has improved significantly compared to its first iteration, and the Surface Go 3 can easily be considered among the best laptops for students. Moreover, you can do much more with Windows 11 than with other operating systems.

Powered by an Intel Pentium Gold 6500Y, the Surface Go 3 can easily let you browse, create documents, and watch media. Paired with the Microsoft Surface Pen, you can bring your creativity to life or take class notes. Overall, the Surface Go 3 is a viable tablet for everyday tasks.

SoCIntel Pentium Gold 6500Y
Storage128 GB
Display10.5-inch 1920 x 1080 PixelSense Display
BatteryUp to 11 hours (advertised)
OSWindows 11 Home in S Mode
Weight1.2 pounds (or 544.3 g)
Compatible AccessoriesMicrosoft Surface Pen, Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover

3. Apple iPad Air (5th Generation): Best tablet for college students

ipad air

Further, the iPad Air is next-in-line among the best tablets for students. It comes with Apple’s new iPad design, a great display, a USB-C port, and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. However, that isn’t all it offers; with the M1 chip, you can do much more on the iPad Air compared to the regular iPad.

If you require high-performance, future-proofing, and something that checks all boxes, the iPad Air is the way to go. Housing Apple’s M1 silicon chip, the iPad Air can handle almost anything you throw at it. All in all, you can rely on the iPad Air for design, watching media, browsing, and much more.

Tip: You can also get a deal on the previous generation refurbished 2021 iPad Air from Apple’s website to save some money.

SoCApple M1
Storage64 GB
Display10.9-inch Liquid Retina display
BatteryUp to 10 hours
OSApple iPad OS
Weight1 pound (or 458 g)
Compatible AccessoriesApple Pencil (2nd Gen), Apple Magic Keyboard

4. Apple iPad (10th Generation): Best utility tablet

ipad 10th gen best tablets for students

If you don’t like the 9th Gen iPad’s age-old aesthetics and smaller screen, you can get Apple’s 10th Gen iPad for an additional $150. While the newer variant doesn’t offer significant improvements, it does have a newer A14 Bionic chip, a larger screen, and a better and refreshed build.

Considering you are ready to shell out the extra cash, the 10th Gen iPad is a suitable choice if you plan to use it for several years. Moreover, a larger display is also appreciable to enhance your experience. Overall, the 2022 iPad can be considered among the best tablets for students.

SoCApple A14 Bionic
Storage64 GB
Display10.9-inch 2360 x 1640 Retina Display
BatteryUp to 10 hours (advertised)
OSApple iPadOS
Weight1.05 pounds (or 477.12 g)
Compatible AccessoriesApple Pencil (1st Gen), Apple Magic Keyboard

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE: Best Android tablet

samsung galaxy tab s7 fe

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE makes it to the list of the best tablets for students. Samsung re-entered the tablet market dramatically and has been quite successful. There haven’t been many good Android tablets that are also affordable, but the Tab S7 FE changes that.

It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon SM7225 CPU and is an excellent choice for everyday tasks and watching media. The Android tablet experience has seen its ups and downs, but it’s an excellent time for Android tablets in 2023. Moreover, unlike almost everyone in the market, Samsung also includes the S-Pen to use with it for taking notes and designing.

SoCQualcomm Snapdragon SM7225
Storage128 GB
Display12.4-inch 2560 x 1600 Display
BatteryUp to 11 hours (advertised)
OSOne UI based on Android 12
Weight1.34 pounds (or 610 g)
Compatible AccessoriesS-Pen, Samsung Book Cover

Things to note about tablets for students under $499

If you have already searched for tablets online and couldn’t pick one from the diverse options, you might not be the only one. Likewise, several factors make a tablet ideal for your usage. Hence, ensure some critical factors before finally deciding on a tablet among the best tablets for students.

Performance: There has been an absurd trend with manufacturers not providing a capable CPU in a machine that’s supposed to perform several tasks. Hence, an ideal tablet should have an SoC (System on a Chip) that can easily handle everyday tasks and let you multitask whenever possible.

Battery: A capable tablet is expected to last for several hours, but what good is it if you run out of battery whenever you need it the most? Hence, look for a tablet with enough battery to last all day.

Display: For a device that is a more extensive form of a smartphone and a laptop replacement, a tablet should have an excellent display so you can use it for work and relish media without lacking anything.

Software: OEMs came up with distinct versions of operating systems designed for devices with larger screens. For instance, Apple’s iPadOS and the Android 12L offer an outstanding tablet experience. Likewise, an ideal laptop should offer functional and smooth software instead of a highly-bloated OS skin.

Which is the best tablet for students?

While there are many options, we have only picked the ones that check most boxes. Moreover, it’s pretty evident that Apple’s iPad lineup still rules the tablet market, but Windows and Android tablets are becoming more prominent by the day.

If you’re having trouble picking one, we recommend the 9th Gen iPad because it’s a perfect choice for most users. However, the 2022 iPad Air is a no-brainer if you’re looking for more performance. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is another viable option if you prefer Android Tablets.

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