8 Best Free VR Apps & Experiences For Your Smartphone

best vr apps that you need to experience

Virtual reality has come a long way and will soon become a part of our day-to-day life. VR apps are the best examples of this technology’s application in our day-to-day life and can even be used on Android and iOS smartphones. So you don’t necessarily need expensive VR headsets to get a glimpse into the future of VR.

VR is not just a tool for gaming; people can use it to enjoy many other forms of media. If you are a self-respecting techie, you definitely need to experience VR at least once. Fortunately, we have listed a few VR apps that you can try out for free.

Although, you might need a cheap VR headset for your smartphone to utilize these VR apps fully. You can use a mobile VR headset like Google Daydream, Samsung VR Gear, Google Cardboard, or a third-party VR headset. Fortunately, you easily get third-party VR headsets on Amazon for around $20.

However, if you want a proper headset, check out our list of the best VR headsets in 2022.

Best VR Apps For Your Smartphone

YouTube VR


It should be no surprise that the world’s biggest video-sharing platform is one of the best VR apps. YouTube VR is an excellent place for all kinds of VR content. You can easily find many 360-degree videos from channels like National Geographic, Discovery, and even YouTubers.

One of my favorite things about YouTube VR is touring foreign countries or exotic locations on Earth, such as Mount Everest or the Mariana Trench. Another advantage of watching YouTube in VR is the immersion and widescreen effect it gives even on flatscreen videos.

The YouTube VR app can work with Android, iOS, Quest, PC, Mac, Cardboard, and PSVR. However, if you want to try out different kinds of VR content, then the next VR app is for you.

Download YouTube VR: Android, Quest Store

Fulldive VR


Fulldive VR is a VR platform offering countless videos, photos, and games. Users can see it as an all-in-one VR platform with an internet browser that also acts as a social media website. There’s also a vast amount of user-generated content that can keep one entertained for hours.

The app also has its store where you download more VR apps for your smartphone. Users can also take 360-degree photos and videos using the VR camera in the app. The Fulldive VR app can also work with Android, iOS, Quest, Daydream, and Cardboard.

Now, If you are interested in playing VR games but don’t have a proper headset, check out the next VR app on this list.

Download Fulldive VR: Android, iOS

iVRy (PC VR app)

iVRy pc vr on smartphone

When I was new to VR, I wondered if playing PC VR games using a smartphone as a headset was possible. IVRy can make that possible by working with Steam VR games. All you have to do is install the app on your mobile device and download the iVRy driver for Steam VR on your PC.

After that, you can connect your smartphone and your PC using a USB cable or WiFi. The app works with compatible iOS or Android devices while supporting GearVR/Oculus Go/Quest/Quest 2, Lenovo Mirage Solo, and Sony PSVR headsets.

Yes, you can use your PSVR headset to play PC VR games. However, the app does have some sort of paywall for PSVR drivers. And you also might need some motion controllers to get the best out of it.

Download iVRy: Android, iOS

Within VR (formerly VRSE)


Within VR (formerly known as VRSE) is an excellent platform for high-quality VR content that offers impressive visual experiences. Users can enjoy VR documentaries, music videos, short films, comedy, horror, and fitness videos from various creators.

The app is YouTube Premium but only for VR content. It has content from household names like Vice, UN, U2 Lego, Saturday Night Live, and the New York Times. Within VR is available on Android, iOS, Quest, PC, Mac, and PSVR.

However, if you want to want regular content on a VR screen, you can try out the next VR app on this list.

Download Within VR: Android, iOS

Netflix VR


Netflix VR is the true definition of a day-to-day VR app. It functions mostly the same as the normal app, with the only difference being that you are placed in a wooden cabin with a huge screen in front of you. Talk about Netflix and chill.

Users will be able to access the entire Netflix library and experience high-quality content in a VR setting. Due to VR, it will seem as if you are watching Netflix on a 75-inch widescreen. However, you can’t download movies or episodes from this app, and you only have a single VR environment which is a bit lackluster.

However, there is an alternative to this app that offers better customization.

Download Netflix VR: Android, Quest store

CEEK Virtual Reality


CEEK Virtual Reality is a multimedia app that puts you in a VR environment in front of a huge screen. In concept, it is quite similar to Netflix VR, but you can easily choose from a variety of different content and VR environments.

The app supports various video formats, such as 360 VR, True 3D, and 180 immersive videos. Users don’t even need a mobile VR headset to watch 360 degrees VR videos. You might want to check out the next VR app on this list if you want to make something in VR by yourself.

Download CEEK: Android, iOS



If you want to bring out your artistic side, you must check out Sketchfab. The app lets you explore countless user-created models in 3D, VR, or AR on your smartphone. Users can follow other creators on the platform and take a look at their creations.

You can explore an imaginary world in VR modeled by another user. Or you can bring your creations into the real world and see how they look through AR.

Download Sketchfab: Android, iOS

Google Cardboard


If you are using VR on a smartphone, you must try out Google Cardboard. The app offers a VR home that allows you to browse through your own videos and images in VR. If you have a 360-degree video or image, it can even support that.

Users can also launch other VR apps directly from Google Cardboard if they are compatible with the app. Google cardboard also has an exhibit that shows 3D renders, but it isn’t as interesting as it seems. The app itself isn’t that great, but it serves as a central hub for all other VR apps.

Download Google Cardboard: Android, iOS

Other VR apps to try out

Other than the ones mentioned on this list, we would like to mention some of the following apps. If you like to travel the world and see famous tourist spots, we recommend apps like Google Earth VR and Sites in VR.

There are many VR apps on Android and iOS devices that users can try out to experience VR once. It was only after getting a taste of what Virtual Reality offers that I considered buying a Quest 2 VR headset and have never looked back since.

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