10 Useful and Awesome Inventions

Ostrich pillow
Ostrich pillow

It’s said that need is the mother of all inventions. As we need something in our lives, our brain tries to solve that problem and we invent new things. I am always fascinated by awesome and cool inventions. A few weeks ago I was Googling about some new inventions and I came across this link on Quora.

I found some of these inventions quite useful and worth sharing, so I have created a post of 10 awesome inventions that will surprise you. These are some inventions that are made using simple things but are of great use.

Take a look:

 1. Toothpaste Squeezer

Image: Shopclues

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2. Mirror Wiper

Image: singulier
Image: singulier

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3. Rotating Bench for dry place to sit

Image: psfk

4. Citrus spritzer

Image: amzon

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5. Ironing Board Mirror

Image: alldaychic

6. Scooter Stroller


7. Baby Bath Visor


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8. Spaghetti Forkspaghetti-fork1

9. Faucet Thermometer


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 10. Ice Cream Lock

Image: oxot

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Bonus: Ostrich Pillow


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Toothpaste squeezer and rotating bench were my favorite awesome invention. Let me know which one is yours. Write in comment box.

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