8 Best Catalysts For Nahida In Genshin Impact: F2P-Friendly Guide [Updated]

Best weapons for Nahida in genshin impact

The upcoming Genshin Impact 3.2 patch will be an interesting one thanks to the next Archon quest and the Lesser Lord Kusanali herself, Nahida, finally becoming a playable character. Nahida will be a catalyst user, which raises the question, “Which is the best weapon/catalyst for Nahida in Genshin Impact?”

Catalyst users aren’t the most popular in the game, but that might soon change with the addition of Nahida (Thanks to the moves she’s got). But how should you build the Dendro Archon? In this article, let’s look at some of the best weapons/catalysts for Nahida in Genshin Impact. F2P players, we’d never abandon you :).

Nahida still hasn’t been added to the game, and neither do we have details about her signature weapon. However, based on her leaked kit, these are the weapons that may synergize well with her. It is important to note that the list might change depending on if Hoyoverse decides to nerf or buff her. We’ll update this list once she’s released officially. This article was updated with the Signature weapon.

While the base attack is a common stat across all weapons, the things that matter the most and make a weapon great are it’s passive and sub-stats. Character signature weapons are some of the best five-star weapons you can get in the game, but there are a lot of four-star options for free-to-play players as well. Sub-stats also play a critical role in determining how well a character performs, giving them massive Attack, HP, Defense, and Crit boosts.

8 Best Weapons/Catalysts for Nahida in Genshin Impact

Nahida Ascension materials

The catalysts mentioned in this article range from three-star weapons to five-star and are not ranked based on how good they are. Running these weapons on Nahida will let you bring the most value out of her, just like these bows for Ganyu.

1. Mappa Mare – Best Catalyst for Nahida

Mappa Mare for Nahida Genshin Impact

Mappa Mare is one of the best F2P weapons for Nahida in Genshin Impact. Its Primary Sub-stat scales off Elemental Mastery, but that’s not the most exciting thing. The star of the show is the weapon’s passives which grant the wielder an 8% elemental damage bonus for 10 seconds (two stacks) at R1 (R for refinement).

At R5, the passive’s elemental damage percentage is doubled, which means a character would be able to do 32% extra elemental damage (8%->16%; 16% x 2), thanks to the bonus. Not to mention, the 110 (max) elemental mastery will help with various Dendro reactions; hence, you could use Yae Miko and Nahida or Nilou and Nahida for great Bloom, Hyperbloom, Spread, and Aggravate to deal great damage. Overall, it’s one of the best weapons for Nahida.

2. Magic Guide

Magic Guide for Nahida YouTube

Don’t be fooled by this three-star catalyst. The weapon’s sub-stat scales off Elemental Mastery (max EM: 187), and it could be a great weapon for Nahida for Aggravate, Bloom, Hyperbloom, and spread builds.

Its passive increases the damage against enemies affected by Hydro and Electro by 12%, which should grant extra Bloom and Quicken damage. Pair it with Deepwood Memories artifacts, and you’ve got yourself a Nahida that can act as off-field DPS, Sub-DPS, or DPS.

3. A Thousand Floating Dreams

A Thousand Floating Dreams - Best weapons for Nahida

A Thousand Floating Dreams is Nahida’s signature weapon, and at first glance, one might confuse it with the Deepwood Memories goblet, as it strikes an almost perfect resemblance. The weapon’s base attack is 542 at level 90, and the main stat scales off Elemental Mastery (Max: 265).

Its passive, A Thousand Nights’ Dawnsong, grants the character buffs based on the element type of the character. If their elemental types are the same, the EM is increased by 32, or else the damage bonus is increased by 10%. These effects have three stacks, and in addition, the weapon also increases the EM of all party members by 40. The best part is these effects won’t get overridden by other Character’s weapon passives.

It’s clear from the stats that Hoyoverse wants you to use Nahida as an off-field DPS. However, the catalyst is good enough to be used on a DPS Nahida.

4. Sacrificial Fragments

Sacrificial Fragments for Nahida

Considering that Nahida’s elemental burst is an elemental part (pun intended) of her kit, Sacrificial Fragments can help you use it more often so that her ultimate that literally looks like Domain Expansion from Jujutsu Kaisen can always be active, dealing continuous Dendro damage.

While Sacrificial Fragments’ sub-stat scales of Elemental Mastery (Max EM: 221), its passive, at R1, has a 40% chance to end the elemental skill cooldown. At R5, the same increases to 50%, and considering that it’s a four-star weapon, you may already have enough copies to refine it. The elemental skill CD will help generate more energy particles and use the burst as soon as it’s ready.

5. Fruit of Fulfillment

Fruit of Fulfilment

Fruit of Fulfilment is another F2P weapon that can be crafted using the Sumeru-exclusive Midlander billets. If you’ve completed the quest, which involved an adventurer named Rana and Aranara, and leveled up the Tree of Dreams in Vanarana by exchanging Dendro sigils, you should already have a few billets in your inventory.

If you don’t have the billet needed to craft Fruit of Fulfilment, you can craft one by combining a Northlander Catalyst Billet with two dream solvents. Coming to the weapon itself, its sub-stat scales of energy recharge (45.9 ER max), which is great for teams where Nahida will be an off-field, sub-DPS, or support.

Its passive grants a “Wax and Wane” effect which, when triggered, adds 24 Elemental Mastery while decreasing the attack by 5%.For every 0.3s, 1 stack of Wax and Wane can be gained. Max 5 stacks. For every 6s that goes by without an Elemental Reaction being triggered, 1 stack will be lost. This effect can be triggered even when the character is off-field. I

To counter and balance the lowering of the Attack percentage, you may need to carefully select the artifacts whose sub-stat scales off the Attack percentage. That said, overall, Fruit of Fulfilment is definitely one of the best F2P catalysts for Nahida in Genshin Impact.

6. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Lost prayer to the sacred winds

If you want to go all out on Crit Stats, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds should be on top of your list. While not F2P friendly, if you’ve lost a 50/50 to one of the previous banners, if you ever pull on the weapon banner, you may have this in your inventory. The weapon synergizes well with characters like Lisa, Ningguang, Klee, Sucrose, and now Nahida.

For starters, its base attack is 608, and its main sub-stat scales off Crit Rate, providing a maximum of 33.1% of the same. One of the passives increases movement speed by 10%, while the other increases the Elemental Damage Bonus by 8% every four seconds, up to four stacks. The best part is these buffs last until the Character falls or leaves combat.

7. Wandering Evenstar

Wandering Evenstar Genshin Impact

Wandering Evenstar is an event-exclusive upcoming weapon that will arrive in version 3.2, and judging by the stats, it’ll suit Nahida well. To start off, its primary sub-stat scales of Elemental Mastery (Max EM: 165) with a base attack of 510.

The star of the show is passive, as it grants the character a whopping 24% attack of their elemental mastery as a bonus attack for 12 seconds, and 30% of this buff will also affect the party members for the same duration. This passive can be triggered every 10 seconds. Overall, it could add significant value to Nahida and the entire team, especially with Aggravate and other reactions.

8. The Widsith

The Widsith Weapon

Another F2P catalyst that’s an old and tested option in Genshin Impact. One of the best users of the Widsith is Shikanoin Heizou, and now Nahida. The Widsith’s max attack is 510, and the primary stat scales off Crit Damage. Hence, you needn’t worry about building one of the crit elements and focus on crit rate, elemental mastery, and attack on artifacts.

What separates The Widsith apart from all the weapons in Genshin Impact is that it has three passives — When a character takes the field, they will gain a random theme song for 10s. This can only occur once every 30s. At R1, Recitative increases the ATK by 60%, Aria increases all Elemental DMG by 48%, and Interlude increases Elemental Mastery by 240.

However, the weapon’s passive also brings a major problem, and that is building Nahida in terms of Attack or Support. Since the passive is random, you’d need to build Nahida by taking into consideration all the buffs, which is not possible. For example, if you build her as a pure DPS, but the passive grants elemental mastery, you won’t be able to get the most out of Nahida.

Which is the Best Weapon for Nahida: Editor’s Choice

For DPS Nahida, her signature weapon hasn’t been introduced yet, but we’ll update it here as soon as it’s out. So far, every weapon looks promising, but if we had to pick a few, they’d be Mappa Mare and Sacrificial Fragments.

What are your thoughts on Nahida? Are you pulling for her? Let us know in the comments section below.

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