Best Android Torrent Apps to Download Files in No Time

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best-torrent-apps-androidShort Bytes: Today, we are here with the list of the best Android torrent apps to tell you about the most useful and easy to use torrent clients for you Android smartphone. Read more to find out. 

Today Torrent is one of the biggest providers of data all over the world that runs ‘for’ and ‘through’ its users. Instead of relying on the hosts the torrent users community share and download data by subletting their network. To access a torrent file a torrent client is needed- a software that can access peer to peer network while the files are being shared.

Generally people download torrent files on their PCs or laptops, but sometimes you wish to have the same experience on your smartphone. There are a plethora of softwares that claim to be the best free Android torrent apps. We had made a compilation of top 10 most popular torrent sites of 2015 and now we have come up with a few torrent mobile apps that are really good.

Take a look at this list of top Android torrent apps:

Best Android Torrent Apps | µTorrent or BitTorrent:

These twin torrent apps are the most famous and widely used free software both in desktops and mobiles. With a simple interface and unlimited upload and download speed, these are easy to use and the latest version of these come with features such as saving to external SD memory and integrated media player that allow you to play the downloads directly from the app makes it the best free android torrent app.

With such a huge popularity among the torrent user community, µTorrent/BitTorrent mostly occupy the top position in every best free torrent list.

Best Android Torrent Apps | Flud:

Flud is another top android torrent app featuring a clean interface. Flud comes in both paid as well as free versions where the paid version disables advertisements. Sequential downloading, prioritization, magnetic link supports and unlimited uploading and downloading as well.

Flud also has an RSS support with an automatic download option. So even if you forget, Flud will remind you of the latest movie that has come up online, thus, making it one of the best android torrent app.

Best Android Torrent Apps | aTorrent:

Another brilliant free Android torrent client which has most of the features that allows you to have an easy experience of downloading your favorite files. Apart from the basic  features it also has Wi-Fi only mode that reduces the risk of getting operated on your mobile data without your permission and pause the downloads when running out of power.

aTorrent is ad supported but you can disable them with a Pro key. With its simple and amazing features it makes to the top best android torrent app in our list.

Best Android Torrent Apps | tTorrent Lite:

Yet another Android torrent app that ensures of multiple downloading, local peer discovery, proxy support, Wi-Fi only mode and IP filtering. It also comes with RSS support and you can tweak the settings for IP filtering.

The only limitation with tTorrent is that the download limit is set at 250 kb/s for the free version. Still, widely popular among users, it is one of the best android torrent apps in the market.

Best Android Torrent Apps | Vuze:

This was the major torrent client but with others’ gaining reputation it slipped in the lists of the best android torrent apps. Still, you can use Vuze if you want a clean and simple interface sans advertisements.

So that was our list of best android torrent apps in the market. Now, the best android app or not, that is for you to decide.

Let us know which one do you use, or in case we missed your preferred choice.

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