10 Best Android RPGs To Immerse Into The World Of Characters In 2018

Best Android RPG Games

Role-Playing games act as a bridge to jump from intricacies of real-life to the world of powerful characters and stories. Be it a PC, Notebook or our Android device, RPG games have always managed to captivate our minds.

Some characters are strong enough to capture your attention whole day, others vanish as the game ends. With that being said, being part of a strong story is probably the best feeling in the world.

In this digital era, RPGs are not only limited to the 15-inch screen, they can be well-played on our Android devices. And not just small-sized games, in fact, mind-blowing heavy graphics RPG games.

Here, I have assembled a list of best RPGs for Android. They are some of the best Android games you can play on your smartphone –

Best Android RPGs You Need To Play In 2018

1. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is one of the best Android RPG games out there. The game console-like graphics and storyline immerses you in the gameplay. The game is all about defeating the orcs who have brought apocalypse to your world and are on the way to conquer your kingdom, the last stand of humanity.

In the beginning, you choose between four different characters, each having their own powers and combos. The Android game allows you to customize your characters like changing skin tone, eyebrows size and much more.

Overall, the fantasy game is quite captivating. The best part about the game Darkness Rises is the developers reduced focus on in-app purchases. If freemium RPG games have long annoyed you, this might the best alternative.

2. MARVEL Future Fight

Undoubtedly, the most loved RPG available on Android, Marvel Future fight is an action RPG game involving heroes and villains from Marvel Cinematic Universe. In other words, Caption Marvel, Docter Strange, and Iron Man will be your protege from now onwards.

A dungeon crawler RPG where you defeat enemies with heroes skills. Few heroes require some physical money, but alternatively, you can choose hard-work and patience over it.  You can upgrade skills and choose from hundreds of different looks. The game also allows you to take your friend’s character help to defeat epic villains.

Overall, the attractive graphics and Marvel dynamics make the RPG game worth playing. It goes without saying that there’re more reason to play if you are a fan of The Avengers.

3. WWE Champions

This is an RPG for Android to play your favorite wrestling game in a whole new way. WWE Champions is a puzzle RPG game where you cross out identical gems, which ultimately powers the kicks, punches, special moves, smackdown and much more. It’s a turn-based game, so your opponent plays his/her move on the same jewel puzzle board, hoping to pin your player.

If you had been a fan of WWE, this is your chance to re-live the memories. The Android game has The Rock, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and more all-time icons to choose for your wrestling match. Being a manager, you can assemble an awesome team, level up characters and bring new combos to the table. To complete any tour, you go up the enemy ladder, defeating wrestlers and fighting the boss at the end of it.

Apart from that, you can have PvP matches to battle worldwide, Climb leaderboards for extra rewards. The best part WWE Champions is that you get to be part of fractions to play with friends and toa help teammates.

4. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom


This is one of those Android games which either people love or hate. I, being the case, apparently loved it. It may be because I never bothered to play Fallout Shelter, a game similar to Hustle Castle and much more admired.

Anyway moving ahead, the game is essentially kingdom building, defeating rivals and upgrading your troops. There is a story mode where you fight orcs, giants, skeletons and even slay dragons. You can join clans to play with other players.

Overall, the game is fun, and you should give this RPG Android game a shot. The micro-transactions might get little frustrating, but then you have the option of dating and making babies to make up for it.

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5. Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

As the name suggests, Grim Soul’s ultimate goal is to survive. You farm, build, fight, collect and create new weapons. The Android RPG starts with a foggy, dark forest where you walk nude and collect resources, kill trifling enemies and build your shelter.

To progress in the game, you discover new lands and go on a killing spree. However, the fighting doesn’t include combos or skills, but instead soft blows and slow punches. As you level up, you can build your castle, sail to another land, etc.

Overall, once to attach to it, the game might become your daily get-away. The only catch is you will have to give it time and wait patiently–only then it will make sense, or it would seem like a mindless RPG for Android.  Also, there is a meter which gets used up while traveling to other parts, so keep that in mind.

6. Era of Celestials

Era of Celestials is an all-in-one RPG for Android whose ultimate graphics and gaming experience will remind you of a popular PC dungeon crawler game series Diablo.

The Android game has everything that you need from an RPG. Surprisingly, it has stunning graphics, a good amount of characters, magic and few ultimate moves, different costumes, farm building, and much more. Apart from PVP battles, the open-world offers you to go on a boss hunt; defeating him gets you rewards and collectibles.

Overall, this mobile RPG gives a desktop-like game experience with an equal amount of stunning graphics and easy controls.

7. Age of Magic

Following the similar RPG style of Marvel Strike Force, and the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, this RPG game for Android immerses us in legendary heroes battles, coupled with jaw-dropping graphics.

Age of Magic is a fantasy-RPG Android game where you collect and fight with heroes in fast-paced battles upon spectacular looking arenas. The combat follows a turn-based pattern in which you use the hero skills and magic to defeat the enemy.

This RPG Android game holds dozens of characters who are in desperate need for an upgrade to their skills. Age of Magic has many different modes like Tomb of Horrors and Valley of Treasures to test your unique skills and strength. Then there is the main campaign where you can gradually pass each level and upgrade your hero collectibles.

It also includes many events, tournaments, PvP battles where your group of legends can show their true power.

8. Questland: RPG Heroes Quest

Few Android games largely fascinate via their unusual graphics and game design. One of them is Questland: a unique first-person RPG game whose combat style and dungeon crawler style will keep a strong hold on you.

Questland starts with crafting your character and jumping on your first quest. From there onwards, you build your armor and upgrade your gear with the rewards received on completing quests. The Android RPG offers many multiplayer modes such as playing with friends and joining guilds to fight enemies together.

Overall, the game’s striking graphics and an unusual type of game-play makes it one of the best RPG games of all time. If you have been bored with too much content and complex systems, Questland should be your next choice.

9. Vampire’s Fall: Origins

Being a vampire has always been my dream as a kid. The immortality, good-looks and the strong power are just too much to lose. So here is an RPG game which gives you the whole: “Vampire experience”

This RPG game for Android revolves around a new recruit in the Vamp village who is presently under threat by Witchmaster. You being a new recruit are responsible for defending the village from an unknown enemy.

In Vampire’s Fall, you can create a character, choose bloodline, upgrade skills and abilities to do better in turn-based close combats. The game progresses as you complete quests and fight wolfs, rats, and weirdly named people.

Overall, the game is pretty simple and the storyline will certainly pique your intrest. With that being said, you might get a little bored after completing a few quests, considering the unflexible and repetitive fights.

10. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Down on the nostalgia road, comes one of the most popular RPG adventure game for Android in recent times: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. This RPG game makes you take the role of a Hogwarts student, whole cousin Jacob has been missing for a few years.

The Harry Potter game gives you a good amount of flexibility with choosing dialogues and doing Hogwarts stuff. Voice acting from the real Harry Potter cast will really get you excited. While the game appears promising at the start, it consists of a significant flaw.

The micro-transactions which time-to-time reminds you the weak pillars of the game. The RPG for Android is entirely based on energy meter which empties pretty quickly. Now, to refill that you can wait for hours or just reach your wallet.

Overall, if we leave out the forceful free-to-play model and weak graphics, the game still makes a little sense. However, to play or not to play totally depends upon you.

Which game did you find the most interesting?

This was my collection of best Android RPG games. I hope you gained some information on what kind of RPG game you will prefer over other. Whatever you choose, do leave a comment below and tell us what game you liked the most.

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